Thursday, April 29, 2010

Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful for Sale now
with credit card installment 0% interest method
up to 24 months cash installment method..
(psssssst: yes people...its like only rm100 a month) ;)
with lifetime warranty

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adlina naim



Martrade Brunei

To my dear readers in BRUNEI,
do come visit me and my business partners
from 2nd of MAY 2010 to 9th MAY 2010
at MARTRADE fair ....see u then...;)




I'm searching for business partners and funders for my brunei trip..
Capital+profit at least RM3000 confirm will be return back to you within 2 weeks of time..
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adlina naim



Monday, April 26, 2010


I achieved something which i never think i could had. So people... Dream, plan and action wht u want from now. InsyaAllah with HARDWORK and GOD'S bless, it can become true.. 

Join me and my business partners with our business. We're searching for people like you, you and you! YES! You! You, the one reading this right this moment! I'll help you! And that is a promise I'll keep! You can count on it!
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Adlina Naim

I'll be going to Brunei and this is the chance to grab!;) 



Shu uemura..

Hey there... Guess what? Thanx to Wani, i had an opportunity to attend a makeup workshop conducted by Shu Uemura (well known japan make up brand) in Sunway Piramid. I was one of her many blog followers yang terpilih. And the workshop was superb! Eventho I was exhausted cause on that particular day, I had so many last minute works to do, thus I had to rush to and fro. But alhamdulillah, somehow I managed to attend the workshop eventho I arrived like super late. And the most important part was, I was there and learnt all the techniques. And I somehow managed to finish all the techniques before the others did. I was somehow in the express class. Hahahahaha :p Anyhoo, we got to play and experiment with all the makeup and hasilnya....

I sooooo love the eyeshadow. Bought myself a blusher in peach with 2 eyeshadows in pink and purple. And maybe next time will head there again aiming for the gold eyeshadow and also the concealer. And thanx again to hanis and wani... ;)

p/s: oh ya, ader freebies arituh..adoiyai..i tak snap pic tapi neh picture i kidnap from hanis

freebies from shu uemura...picture courtesy of hanis haizi...;)



Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hmm... Sorry my dearies. Lama tak update sebab been extremely bz with work. Alhamdulillah, my bzness is progressing and its progressing FAST! Sejak wat bznes neh, kenal ramai orang baru yang sangat +ve and very encouraging! 

Last Sunday (18 April 2010) went to Awana, Genting for a seminar. Pergh!! Sgt2x best and so many knowledge that ive managed to learn from it. Seminar yang sgt penting utk newbies cam i on how to handle and how to progress in my business. The best part was my 2 idols were the speakers!! Kak ana (a lady multi-millionaire) and hanis (bakal multi millionaire) were there sharing their experience and sucess!! And aim is to be up there next year jugak..amin! so here is some of the snap shots yg i sempat mek during the seminar. Enjoice!

me and cik ha....baru jerk kenal tapi da ley ngam terus!!best!!

me, hanis (my mentor/idol), cik ha

hanis, and raz

Kak Ana the multimillionaire..

That's all for now...

B4 i forgot, updates on my business...
I'll be going to Brunei to expand my business. I'll be there from the 5th May to 9th May 2010. To all of you yang di Brunei, do come and visit us at MARTRADE fair. And to those yang berminat nak join i wat business ni, pls jangan malu and jangan segan..juz gimme a call as this is the GOLDEN opportunity coz i'll help u sell all...;)



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

happy birthday!!!

Sorry lappy nye cable rosak and modem skali..kena sambar da beli modem n cable boleh start blogging semula...

first thing bday...da 25 tahun da...tua sudaa...
but alhamdulillah...i have more than what i asked for...thank you ALLAH..

2010 is my best yr so life da bertukar 360 degrees...i baru start bznes dalam 1 bulan++ and now da nak expend ke brunei..and my bizness partners bertambah by the day...;) income pon of kos la bertambah..insyALLAH in 2 months time my salary from this bzness akan mencecah 5 figures...jom join me people...i'll guide u thru and help u become and achieved what ive achieved today...insyALLAH and alhamdulillah..

hmm...yesterday sempena my bday celebration, brought my whole family to bubba gump shrimp yang d 'd curve..the shrimps was MARVELLOUS!!!thank you mr suami... and he also got me this lovely pink luggage bag from united colors of benetton...da lama sgt da cari bag neh..alhamdulillah..DIA bagi gak rezeki time bday i laks tuuu...:D

pastuh my angels that is cik ayra n miss miffy bagi this present yg dipilih and dibayar oleh uchinye...

a gift from a friend yg ke sipadan...

last but not least...a gift from me to me....

if ur wondering what is it in details that i bought...

1. small eyeshadow -espresso

2. cream colour base-shell

3. pro colour x4 ie the pallete casing if u dont noe..(convenient for traveling)

4. small eyeshadow creme de violet

5. small eye shadow - steamy

6. small eye shadow - black tied

7. small eye shadow naked lunch

8. select spf 15 foundation

9. sheertone blush pink (blusher)

10. lip conditioner spf15

11. loud lash noisy black(marvelous!!!)

12. promo item prep+prime:skin base, cleanse off oil(soo easy to use and not so oily!love it!), fix+(very refreshing), transparent finishing powder

13. viva glam cindy lauper charity lipstick (yerp..100% sales goes to aids local charity!!!! and the colour is sooo marvelous with a good cause!)

had to buy all of these items coz miss ayra ruined all 4 palletes of my eyeshadow..3 tiubs of lip gloss...3 lipstick...and a few other things...oh well..thank GOD ibu have the money to spend...and thank you miss ayra..because of u, i have a concrete reason to shop for new makeup kit...;) all in all...spent 1k on all those stuff..but not to worry...rezeki dtg dr DIA...insyALLAH, my bzness is booming and esok lusa masuk la gaji...amin and alhamdulillah..

will update soon..gotta work...;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

The stars in the sky

Din Beramboi meninggal dunia jam 1230 di Hospital Selayang.. Al-fatihah.

duup!!! tersentap jantung ni baca status teman di fb..

He is one of my many idols..

Respect and salute him a lot! Tapi Tuhan lebih menyayanginye...

semoga rohnye dicucuri rahmat...dier telah memberi tawa pada yang sedang berduka..
mewarnai dunia ini dgn warna warni lawaknya...u'll always b remembered...
a very big lost to our industri seni tanahair..