Thursday, September 30, 2010

Webducation atau webucation?? Web + education

Most of the blogger mama are a SAHM kan? 
So in this particular entry, i want to share some of the websites that the kids will enjoy and even the parents too. I know my angels did. Its like their everyday routine now to pester me to switch on the pc every morning right after waking up and let them have a go at their favourite websites. Up to date, Miffy can sing the ABC song from A right to Z alone and can point out which is the alphabet if i make the sounds. Maybe kanak-kanak lain dah boleh buat lebih dari tu, but i'm proud of my angels as they are. And mind you, she can sing the full song in correct alphabetical order just after playing with the interactive site for 3/4 times. Kalau tak, time i ajar dia, she can sing the ABC alright BUT not in the correct order. hehehe so click here for the link.
Lepas tu kalau click pada alphabet A. Diagram ini akan pop out.
And this is how the sites looks like. Ada lagu, macam-macam lagi la. Just click on the alphabets and keluar bunyi and pictures. Best woo. :p
Pastuh masuk link ni. Click here. Sure dierorg sumer da tahu and hafal watak2 kartun ni. Macam-macam ada. From games to stories and many more. Do check it out. 
 As for Superheros nye interactive game, i still tak jumpa lagi. Anyone yang tahu can share it in ur blog and do share your links in the comment box. :] And anyone yang tahu any websites with interactive on how to mengenal alif ba ta? Need to go. Nak ke deer park with angels.  
Bye dearies.

How To Spot A Blogger(da macam how to spot a cia la pulak rase)

How to spot a blogger? Its the easiest thing.
 Well my dear blogger friends, yes indeed, we are the most easiest to spot. Easier than spotting the ladybug and it gets easier by each and every day as more and more people are joining our world of blogging. (tiba-tiba diriku terasa seperti celebrity pulak.. takpon cia agent sbb org sibuk2 nak spot kita..:p kan kwn2 kan?)
Well click here to get the answers to my question above. Ada tak sesiapa nak tambah jwpn? sila tinggalkan komen dan url. ehehehe after reading the entry tuh, terasa cam pedas tiba-tiba. Sesiapa makan cili, dia lah terasa pedasnya kan? hehehe sebab ada jawapan-jawapan di situ yang benar lagi betul. :p do check it out!

Tv3 Retro Hari Raya

This posts is dedicated to my dearie readers yang missed whi on air on the day tv3 did their hari raya open day.

my most favourite photo. Can almost feel the era of 70's in this picture aite if the pictures were turn to sephia mode?
(psst..Mr monster papa is in orange baju melayu)


What is with man and Superman?? 
Can any man out there explain?
I still don't get it. I've blogged about my discussion with Mr. monster papa and click here for that particular entry.
And just now, as I was blog hopping, saw the profile of a blogger and said that he is ain't superman..hmm..
Obviously we know that cause he is more superb than superman. Everybody is. Superman doesn't exist in the real world. It's just a character created. 

p/s: to those who  is waiting for the pictures of mr. monster papa, i am uploading it now. hehehehe..:p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WHI dalam sejarah

Salam dearies.
Wanita hari ini dalam sejarah kerana encik monster papa akan MENARI dan akan di'on' air kan di WHI edisi 28/09/2010. Tak penah-penah menari terpilih la pulak untuk menari di sambutan hari raya tv3 yang dianjurkan untuk staf-staf dan keluarga. Di jemput semua untuk menonton encik monster papa menari di kaca televisyen rumah masing-masing ye (itu pun kalau saya sempat bersengkongkol dengan abang kameraman untuk fokus pada muka hubby..:p). Kalau dia tahu saya tulis entry ni, mahu la saya didenda...:p anyways, no worries, he doesn't read my blog...ngehehehe 
Hari ini juga hari lahir anakanda puteri intan payungku permata hati pengarang jantung tersayang. Miffy. Nanti akan dikhaskan satu entry untuk princess miffy. Birthday pressie dah settle, makan-makan pon dah settle, cake sahaja yang belum. 

That's all for now. Toodles.

P/s: Perasan tak yang url yours truly dah berubah?? Murah sgt domain name ni i beli. Will post it in next entry lepas entry brthday angel. 

P/ss:banyak sungguh delayed entry..andai waktu sehari lebih dari 24 jam...tapi apakan daya..usaha yang sebaik mampu.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Digi Go Green invites

Remember somewhere last month i posted something on the digi go green contest??
Click here for the link.
Straight to the point, yours truly was among the 30 malaysians who was invited. weehooo...
Wait for the updates with photos. The event will be held this Saturday.
Lets go GREEN people.

Tak Cakap Banyak..Layan je

Salam Dearies...
Nothing much to say..
Just Layans the photos k?

This photo was taken during ayra's first stay at the hospital. She was warded due to lung infection+severe asthma attack. Since the day she was warded, her fear to doctors has subside. As you can see, she is having a fun time sticking stickers to her face.

This is my eldest daughter at my hubby's kampung. She loves camwhoring sooo much and loves dancing as well as singing. But is very shy in person. It'll take her up to 1 hour to adjust herself to new people and new surroundings. Wanna know how she spends her 1 hour in shyness?? She will hide behind my back, in my shirt or anywhere where strangers can't see her face. As for my second angel, she has no problem socializing. She is the totally opposite of the sis. Talkative and very friendly. She can go saying HI to strangers even when nobody is paying attention to her.

They are indeed the best of friends and the best of rivals..eheheheh they argue A LOT but yet they still play and babysit each other. If either one of them is missing in sight, they'll enquire on the sister whereabouts. They'll work together as a team going against the papa. And one thing they have in common is that they love giving me a kiss and let me pamper as well as caress them...But kalau the papa dekat even when they are sleeping, alamatnya makan kaki la papa dia.

iPhone 4 is coming to town

dearies, as you all know, msia telah dilanda demam iphone4..
oleh sebab itu, yours truly pon tak nak ketinggalan..
harap entry yang berikutnya dpt memikat hati anda dengan kecanggihan dan keseronokan fon ini...:p

Featured II

Salam dearies..dah lama kan tak wat entry di mana i recommend the blogs that i frequently visit?
Kali ni nak feat blog2 masakan. Maklumlah, saya tak reti memasak maka haruslah bergantung kepada encik GOOGLE utk mendapatkan resipi masakan. Petua orang2 tua, nak tambat hati suami, haruslah tambat perutnya dulu. Tapi dalam banyak-banyak blog masakan, ada sesetengah je yang i kerap berkunjung. Ini adalah kerana resipi-resipi yang i cuba sangat lah sedap dan senang serta menjadi. 

Hah..caner??giler bergelora perut di saat saya print screen dan edit gambar-gambar ini. Setiap kali melawat blog mat gebu ini, terutamanya bila nampak kek-kek dan biskut-biskut yang telah dimasak beliau, terasa nak beli oven right that instance. Macam-macam resipi ada. Dari kek, kuih-muih tradisional, lauk pauk, pasta. Bak kata pakcik astro, macam-macam ada. Cuba lah jengah dan saksikan sendiri. Blog mat gebu ni pulak sangat consistent update. Boleh dikatakan hari-hari mesti ada entry/resipi baru yang nak dikongsi.

Akak hanieliza ni pulak i follow sejak dari zaman i tak mula berblogging lagi (hehehe sembang cam lama dah brblogging walhal baru baby baru lahir je lagi). Selalu try masak resipi-resipi akak ni. Resipi kak hanieliza ni sesetengah tu ada 2 version. Satu yang version banyak ramuan yang lagi satu tu version yang simple sikit. I've been following her from her fotopages to blogspot. Suka sangat resipi akak ni sebab senang jugak. Siap ngan instruction yang sangat jelas. Dan gambar2 dia sangat la mengiurkan. Yang boleh stumble upon this blog pon secara accident. My bff recommend me her friend's blog lepastu kwn dia ni suka masak and ada bagi link blog kak hanieliza ni. Begitulah al-kisahnya.

I just love the way she rambles about everything. Actually papakechee ni juz started to blog bout recipes(correct me if i'm wrong dear). Before this, I'll categorize her blog more to a personal blog rather than blog masakan. But recently, atas permintaan ramai selepas tergoda dengan beberapa entrynya di mana beliau telah menunjukkan beberapa gambar masakan yang telah dihasilkannya. Yes, I was among the ones who was tempted with the food. Mind you, it was during ramadan when she shared the photos. So we, the blog reader begged her to share the recipes. Dan atas rayuan bertubi-tubi kami (the blog readers), kami berjaya meyakinkan papakechee utk sedikit sebanyak upgrade blognya menjadi blog masakan di samping personal blog. Weeehuuu..ehehehe The pictures i posted above was among the ones which made me drool. Oh ya, by the way, came across her blog when going thru zoe's blog lists.

P/s: Thats all for now. Lain kali i update lagi tentang blog-blog yang menarik k? Do suggest and leave your link in the comment box so I can review and feature your blogs in mine. Thanx deary darlings. Cheerio.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Alhamdulillah...after blogging for quite some time without uploading my angels latest pictures are no fun.
Was a little irritated and jelous when i visited fellow friends' blogs when they have uploaded pictures of their activities and family photos. So I just got myself a new cable for me to transfer the thousands of pictures in my camera. There are so many delayed posts as I did not want to upload the stories without the photos. So alhamdulillah, now i can. Bare with me yeah my deary darlings..:]

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Idiots, idiots, idiots

I've been searching for this movie hi and low. But don't seem to find it. And finally its on youtube.
Will update the review but right at this moment, i'm waiting for the buffer to complete the download and in the process of digesting the message while enjoying the comedy and drama.


Salam dearies...
Most of my high school friends are either engaged or married by now. And most of them got married this year. So I'm taking this opportunity to wish them 

"barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair = Allah will bless both of you and he will unite you both for good.." amin

I'll post some of the photos of my married friends with their spouses..

And here's a song which i dedicate to my married friends. 

p/s: Sorry kalau ada friends whom i missed out..but still this song and the prayers go out to all of you. Good luck and semoga berkekalan...insyAllah..amin

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maher Zain

Salam Dearies..
as promised, here are the info's on maher zain's concert..

Save The soul. (Maher Zain's mini concert):

For ticketing, do contact: 

1) Raudhatus Sakinah, 03-4108 9669 (Pn Izahana / En Abdullah Omar)

 2) In-Team Records, 03-6273 6393 / 017-668 1885 (En Fairus) 

3) My Event Enterprise, 03-5511 0650 (En Roslan / En Naizi)*

Ticket Prices as follows: RM70, RM100, RM150, RM200

Tickets are out on the September 17 2010. 1400 seats only.


Five fan???

Nothing much to say except enjoy the cool songs..:] a compilation of 5ive best hits

If Ya Gettin Down

Uh-oh..just had to put this up here to share with you gals/guys out there after menggodek youtube. Was dancing to it after shedding some tears listening to maher zain's songs. Btw i have something to share with all you maher zain's fan out there. Will post it somewhere around the evening. So here is the music vid... Enjoice...:p

Reminiscence Part 1

Salam dearies.
How time flies.
After going through my friend's photos on facebook, how i realized that i missed my schooling years sooo much. Never believe that i'll say this or feel what im feeling right now. What has been said by my teachers are soo true. Schooling years was the days when the only problems that needs to be worry bout was homework and pimples...sometimes period pain and simple house chores...other than that, life was very simple. Had plenty of laughter with friends. Shared the tears with them too. Those were the times when your friends are your universe and you revolve around them and vice versa. 
Missed my favourite 'popular' and 'angel' tv series.

picture credits to and

 Missed having crushes on boys [cet bunyi cam ada byk crush je walhal sorang tu jer] without feeling guilty to anyone[hehehehe sorry encik suami, just being honest on what and how i truly feel right now]. Missed having stupid and ridiculous bet with my bff which whoever wins the bet will get a chupa chup lollipop.
Credits to curator

 Missed all those spice girls, *n sync songs and 5ive too. 

Credits to

As seen in the music vid, justin looks soo baby-ish and still with his curls. So in love with him and JC chasez. Among the celebrity crushes that I have. 

Missed the roads without traffic jams [as i was staying in alor star back then]. Missed the moments when each and every hari raya, i'll be coming back from kampung with pockets full of money. Missed the amount of time ive spent talking gibberish and nothingness with my bff [emy dyana] on the phone even when there is nothing to talk bout [thank you TM for the cheap charges].

 Missed going to tuition classes. Missed staying back at school for extra curricular activities. Missed wearing school uniform. 
Missed the days when i can just simply walk out of the house without dressing up and putting make up on and no one is there to criticize how pale or how ugly you look and yet managed to get some hearts hooked on you [hehehehehe ye ye o je :D]. Missed skipping classes[neh satu lagi ayat poyo, cam i neh nakal sgt..eheheh skema yet not so skema, notty yet not so notty, the most poyo assistant head prefect smk snc has ever had], getting scolded by the teachers and manja2 with my teachers. On top of that, im missing the school canteen's food a lot. The smell of the fried chicken, the taste of the fish curry with the sambal, the laksa kedah...walauwei...but those are all in the pasts. A part of me who has made me who i am today. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah as He has given the chance for me to undergo a very beautiful experience that not everybody can.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lagu Best

Helooo dearies...
just wanted to share a song sang by a friend of mine...
a very coooool and wickedly superb song...
do listen...:]
One in a Million- Ife-Ezy feat. Jazz

M.Rajoli Meninggal - al-Fatihah

KUALA LUMPUR: Pelawak dan pelakon terkenal M. Rajoli meninggal dunia di Hospital Ampang di sini, pada pukul 10.55 malam ini akibat penyakit kelenjar kanser otak.
Presiden Persatuan Seniman Malaysia (Seniman), Harun Salim Bachik berkata, Allahyarham dirawat di hospital itu sejak tengah malam semalam setelah mengalami komplikasi penyakit itu.

"Allahyarham meninggal akibat penyakit lamanya itu dan dijangka akan disembahyang dan dikebumi di Keramat petang esok," katanya di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata hampir keseluruhan anggota keluarga Allahyarham berada bersamanya sebelum Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya.

Harun berkata, pemergian Allahyarham adalah kehilangan besar kepada industri perfileman negara kerana Allahyarham adalah 'bintang yang sentiasa menyinar'. M Rajoli atau nama penuhnya Mohd Rajoli @ Mohd Rajab Mohamed, 64, menghidap penyakit kelenjar kanser otak sejak 2007 dan dirawat di Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Beliau dimasukkan ke HKL pada 10 Oktober 2007 dan dibedah pada keesokannya apabila doktor mendapati komplikasi penyakit di otaknya.

Selepas tiga minggu berada di Unit Neurologi, HKL, beliau dipindahkan ke Hospital Ampang pada 1 November 2007 untuk menjalani rawatan susulan kimoterapi dan fisioterapi sebelum dimasukkan ke HKL semula untuk rawatan radioterapi kerana keadaan jantungnya yang lemah.

Allahyarham terkenal dengan lakonan versatilnya dan pernah membintangi pelbagai drama dan filem antaranya Congkak dan Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang.-Bernama

Credits to Harian Metro

For The Rest Of My Life

Salam dearies...
I've never ever listened to maher zain's songs before. A friend of mine suggested me to listen to this song and now here i am, head over heels with it. It gives me goosebumps every time listening to it. The lyrics are simple yet soooo romantic. His wife is sooo lucky to have him as a husband and being dedicated to in a song this sweet is like wickedly superb...So enjoy the song...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Duit Raya from NUFFNANG

Alhamdulillah...eheheheh rezeki raya...
Dapat earnings dari nuffnang...
Tak sia2 join nuffnang walaupon hanya rm1.50 baru..takpe2..
sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit...


al-Fatihah to my uncle who passed away due to leukemia 
yesterday at HUSM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan
at 9.20 pm September 16 2010
leaving behind a wife, 2 prince and 2 princess...
do pray that they are given the strength and courage to endure the lost of their hero.....I know how it feels like to grow up without a father by your side and all i can say is that its empty...and i really pity his kids especially the second youngest and the youngest as they didn't get the chance to really know their father. And further more, his second son is sitting for the upcoming UPSR if im not pls my dear readers, pls do pray for them all...Allah loves him more. At least he's in a better place without sufferings..amin
And Allah knows whats best for them all too..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jenis Jodoh

Salam Dearies..
Ini bukan kisah Memey dan Norman Hakim mahupun berkaitan pembunuhan Dato' Sosilawati. But just bout my thoughts.
After watching Syurga Cinta on tv3 last night, I can't stop thinking about the '3 jenis jodoh' that syuhada's granpa mentioned about in the movie. I've never heard or came across of it before. As far as I know, 'jodoh' comes solely from Allah swt. So after a restless night sleep, i decided to google up on this matter. And so this is the result...

So I continued my search on the truth behind 3 jenis jodoh. As you can see, my search result mainly consists of blogs' review on the movie itself. After reading the reviews, i came across a very sensible point of view regarding the matter. You see, i don't really agree especially with the last part of the grandpa's opinion regarding 'jodoh dari Allah'. Let's recapture the exact script of syuhada's grandpa...

Atuk:Atuk pernah cakap yang jodoh itu terbahagi pada tiga.


Atuk: Yang pertamanya, yang dikatakan jodoh dari syaiton. Kamu berdua berkenalan, berpegangan tangan, dan terus buat maksiat, akhirnya Syuhada mengandung. Baru kamu menikah.

Yang keduanya, jodoh dari Jin.Kamu berdua berkenalan.Kamu sukakan Syuhada, tapi Syuhada tak sukakan kamu. Kamu bomohkan dan sihirkan agar Syuhada suka kepada kamu.Dan kamu berdua menikah.

Dan yang ketiganya,jodoh dari Allah. Kamu berdua berpandangan mata,terus menusuk ke kalbu.Kamu terus meminang Syuhada dan Syuhada terima pinangan kamu.Dan kamu berdua menikah. InsyaAllah berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Dan itulah yang dikatakan SYURGA CINTA.

So from the dialogue, we can conclude that the atuk is trying to say that the third type of jodoh is also from lust. When it should be....

Dalam kaedah Islam, bertemu jodoh itu sepatutnya bermula dengan "pinangan" selepas istikharah tentunya. Baik, pinangan ini tak semestinya berasal dari "cinta berputik" apatah lagi bermula dari "berpandangan mata menusuk ke kalbu".

Pinangan yang menurut maksud agama, bermula dari "tujuan beragama" iaitu pernikahan adalah tuntutan agama, untuk mencari jalan halal berkeluarga, dengan mengikut contoh dari sunnah Rasulullah s.a.w semata-mata untuk mencari keredhaan Allah. Ya, tujuan beragama, tujuan beribadah, tujuan berTuhan, semuanya kerana misi meraih redha Allah atau mardhatillah.

Inilah asal yang menggerakkan pinangan. Lalu siapa yang kita mahu pinang? Adakah meminang calon yang telah memutikkan cinta kita atau yang telah berpandangan mata dengan kita lalu menusuk ke kalbu? Salah, kita meminang calon yang sama-sama boleh bawa kepada tujuan asal kita tadi, mardhatillah tadi. Ya, calon beragama juga. Calon yang dirasakan mampu bawa kita kepada keredhaan Allah.

Ya, banyak saja asbab calon itu boleh bawa kita kepada keredhaan Allah, bukan saja kerana putik-putik cinta, atau tusuk-tusuk kalbu. Sebagai contoh, calon itu adalah baru memeluk islam atau berniat memeluk islam lalu memerlukan pembimbing agama, dan kita menawarkan diri untuk membimbingnya, lalu dipinang akan dirinya. Lihat, pernikahan ini tentulah boleh menjadi asbab kita meraih redha Allah kerana telah mengislamkan atau memimpin saudara baru ke jalan islam, satu-satunya jalan yang diredhai Allah.

Juga, mungkin saja calon itu seseorang yang berada dalam keadaan sulit, sebagai contoh janda anak lima katakan. Kita lihat di zaman nabi sendiri, pertolongan kepada janda-janda atau balu-balu mujahid adalah berupa pernikahan baru untuk mereka supaya muslimin dapat terus melindungi kaum muslimat dari kepayahan.Tentu sekali boleh menjadi asbab pada meraih keredhaan Allah.

Juga, calon itu boleh saja seorang gadis yang liar, untuk mudah memimpin kehidupannya, maka kita lamarnya dan sebagai suami kita membimbing langsung kehidupannya hingga akhirnya si gadis bertukar menjadi insan solehah. Boleh saja menjadi asbab kepada keredhaan Allah pada kita.

Juga, jika si calon adalah muslimat yang beragama, atau muslimin yang beragama, yang boleh membantu dan menyokong kita apada usaha agama juga, tentu juga inilah calon yang paling mudah untuk menjadi asbab kepada keredhaan Allah, kerana kita mungkin saja tak perlu berusaha membimbing pasangan kita, tetapi kita sendiri akan dibimbing.

Nah, sekarang adik-adik sudah faham apakah permulaan kepada peminangan? Maksud agama, tujuan agama itulah yang perlu sampai kepada kita dahulu. Barulah pernikahan kita itu dimulai dengan putiknya cintakan agama dan cintakan Allah.

Dan apakah sebenarnya Jodoh Dari Allah yang dipegang sekalian orang beriman?

Jodoh Dari Allah bagi orang-orang beriman adalah Datang Dari Istikharah. Jadi, dialog sebenar yang SEPATUTNYA dituturkan adalah,

Yang ketiganya, Jodoh Dari Allah. Kamu tidak mengetahui siapa jodoh kamu, lalu kamu istikharah meminta petunjuk dari Allah, lalu Allah kurniakan kamu petunjuk dan kamu bulatkan tekad lalu kamu meminang. Yang dipinang juga beristikharah selepas dipinang, lalu jika dia pun mendapat petunjuk dan bulatkan tekad, lalu menerima pinangan kamu. Langsung kamu bernikah. Lalu kamu jaga keluargamu hingga akhir hayat, lalu kamu menemui ajal. Kemudian kamu dimasukkan ke alam barzakh dan yang mengikut kamu hanya iman dan amalan kamu saja. Jika baik, maka bersenang kamu dalam kubur. Lalu dibangkit semula kamu di Padang Mahsyar, kemudian kamu menerima buku catatan dengan tangan kanan. Dan melintas titian sirat sepantas kilat. Dan masuk ke syurga tanpa hisab. Itulah SYURGA ALLAH yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya dengan segala kenikmatan di dunia ini. kamu kekal di dalamnya buat selamanya.

Sekarang, apa masalah pula kedua-dua skrip dalam filem dan skrip yang diubah suai itu dengan teori Jodoh Dari Allah bagi orang beriman? Jawapannya, kedua-dua skrip itu menggambarkan jodoh dari Allah itu berasal dari nafsu berahi yang tercetus.

Kedua-duanya, "berpandangan mata menusuk ke kalbu" dengan "cinta berputik" adalah nafsu-nafsu berahi yang bermain dalam hati. Makanya, bukanlah bernikah kerana Allah, tapi bernikah kerana cinta nafsu. Oleh itu apa lagi yang dikatakan dari Allah, sedangkan yang datang dari Allah itu segala yang baik saja, sedangkan yang tak baik itu datang dari syaiton dengan keizinan Allah sejak awal penciptaan Nabi Adam a.s. lagi.

Pernah dengar "bercinta selepas nikah"? Ha, kalau nak tahu kedua-dua "berpandangan mata menusuk ke kalbu" dengan "cinta berputik" itu kedua-duanya adalah gerak kerja selepas nikah, bukannya sebelum nikah. Kalau sebelum nikah, sudah tercetus cinta, maka apa bezanya dengan jodoh dari syaiton dan jodoh dari jin? Bukankah syaiton suka membisikkan nafsu samada ketika berpandangan mata, hingga akhirnya terputik-putik cinta? 

BUT then again, ada sedikit yang kurang di situ dari sudut pandangan saya. So i came across a forum and found this instead...

Semua 'jodoh' adalah ketetapan dari Allah SWT,
Tidak ada campurtangan langsung dari selainNya.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Syurga Cinta

Salam to all my dearies.. How was your Raya?? To the ones who is still single and unemployed, did you guys/gals managed to get lotsa duit raya??? And to those who is already married or who has started working, did you guys/gals enjoy giving duit raya??? Whatevs it is, hope all of you had a blessed eidul fitri. 

My raya this year was spent happily with the existence and the noise created by my two lil angels. They are in fact the reason i smile, the reason i laugh, the reason of my worries, the reason to my tears, the reason to everything other than ALLAH. So our main activity apart from visiting relatives and friends are watching the television because raya is the only time  where i'll watch malay MOVIES. I'm so sorry. But in my point of view, the only malay movies that is worth the penny to go and watch are the ones produced and directed by afdlin shauki and friends ie hans isaac and mamat khalid and also the movies directed by khabir bhatia. Those are the only movie directors/producers that i wont mind spending just to enjoy their work. Other than those ive mentioned earlier, I dont think that I share the same point of view on art as them. 

Through out the raya season, from the first day up to the 5th day of raya, no sensible movie was being aired via the non-paid channel. Its either a horror movie, a slapstic comedy, or some sad movies where i find it very mood spoiling.
The one and only movie that I was really looking forward to was this movie...
My sil did watched it somewhere last year and she strongly recommended me to watch this movie. I didnt manage to have the time to watch it up till today and thanx to TV3 for airing it. It was indeed a very very good movie. Full with good messages. Though the ending was a tad corny, somehow i still love it. Well a friend of mine said that all those things do happen but only in fantasy. But as for me, fantasy do come true. And somehow how i wish i can be like syuhada as in, im able to guide someone on islam. The script was awesome as it made me think and realise things in life. Some things that i take for granted. Anyhoo, hats off to david teo who is not a muslim to be producing something as good and as islamic as this movie. Really did enjoy it. And this is the first time ever where i find awal being cute and good looking. And to adik haziq, kudos for the job well done. The movie somehow made me feel very happy inside. Maybe because it reminded me of two different people. Two different personalities. And ONE great impact on my life. Im blessed with so many things in life. Blessed with all those whom i once knew, and whom i am still learning to know. Really love the quote where syuhada said something on 'sometimes HE takes away the sunshine and gives us thunder and lightning instead because He wanted to give something which is nicer than sunshine and that is the rainbow after each storm'. And also the part where she said something on she won't be sad too long once someone whom she loves goes out from her life. But instead she is happy for at least she was given the time to know and to love that special someone. And that special someone somehow did managed to create an impact in her life despite big or small it is. Sooo Kewl..And kudos to heliza for a very well played role as syuhada. All in all, i guess the movie deserves a 4.5 stars from me..:]

p/s: i wonder why can't tv3 play some of afdlin shauki's movie??or the antoo fighter movie instead rather than airing the horror movie??haish...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Miffy and Ayra
juz wanna wish to all of u 
muslimim n muslimat out there
Samat yaye tuan puteri 
(Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go Green

Heloo dearies..
Previously mzzoeana wrote an entry on global warming. After reading her entry, I guess i was called upon to blog about the change of our climate. So as I was googling for infos and decided to check on whats happening on nuffnang, i stumble across a quiz which is very related to what my topic of blogging today is about. Digi is hosting an event to the top 30 greenies in msia. There will be fun green tips to be learnt about, share our green ideas and we get the opportunity to become apart of a Green movement to better the environment. How?? Just answer the quiz and they'll contact you if you are green enough to join the cause. Easy kan? Click here for the quiz. The result ought to be out somewhere around 8th september 2010. Anyways, good luck.... 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Smelly no more

Salam dearies..
Today, I would like to talk about deodorants.
picture credits to google
I've been wearing deodorant since I was in standard 6. Back then, my mom and sis introduced me to nivea roll on deodorant. It really lasts long. But the downside of it, it leaves white marks on the armpit area of my shirt. And it doesn't dry off as quickly thus I have to bear with the feeling of wet armpits till the deodorant really dries itself. And that feeling can lasts up to say 3 gruesome minutes. 
Then I started experimenting a whole lot of deodorants. I even tried the 'hibka' or deodorant in the talcum form which looks like this....
credits to
But hibka doesn't suits me well. It made my skin all dry and flaky. So i switch to Simple roll on deodorant instead. 
picture credits to
This particular deodorant doesn't lasts long with me. I was quite active back in high school. Not really a sports person but I was always having march practice for my girl guides club. So thus, me being all sweaty and such, I had to change deodorant as this particular deodorant can't even take care of my armpits even for half the schooling hours. Not even half the day, my armpits all sweaty but not smelly.

So there was this one time where me and my bff bought a US pop magazine or something that we came across a deodorant ad where they give a free sample of the smell or something where you rub ur wrists against the paper and voila, smell sticks to ur hands. So we were heads over heels with the smell and decided to search for the deodorant locally. And we managed to find it in watsons. 
picture credits to

The Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Orchard Blossom is one of the best deodorant ive worn. It is not wet, lasts long, with a very mild but lasting sweet smell. I've worn it like 11 years now. But I guess maybe because of me and my body aging, i'm not that suitable for it anymore. Previously, I have no problem with it but now after wearing it for a very long time, its made my clothes a little yellowish on the armpit area of my white shirts.
I thought that I was having this problem alone when one of my fren told me that she too have the same problem and has convert to other brands of deodorant.
So she recommended the garnier mineral 48 hrs deodorant.
picture credits to

The deodorant truly lasts as long as it claims to even when i'm in very hot and sweating like a pig, i don't have to fear that my armpits will smell like a rotten fish or sweats as a matter of fact. Only prob is, after using this deodorant, my armpits tends to be a lil itchy. Not the dry-flaky-skin itch but its more like the type of itchiness where your armpits hair is growing but i don't have armpits hair. So im thinking of changing my deodorant but don't know what or which brand to change to. Any ideas? thanx...

First Paid Nuffnang Ads

Helooo dearies..
Alhamdulillah..after months of nuffnanging eventho i wasn't that active blogging until only recently, and today when finally my meter bar changed from rm0.00 to rm0.25. Weeehoooo...
I know its not as much as those who have been making thousands of hundreds from nuffnang, but that rm0.25 is a HUGE thingy for me..
thanx to my dear readers for clicking on the ad. And a special thanx dedicated to mzzoeana for advising me on nuffnangs and also how to create traffic for my blog. love ya loads sis...;]

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Im back in KL...
got lotsa updates..
stay tuned...;]