Friday, October 29, 2010

Takers Review

Salam darlings....sorry for the lack of updates...internet connection at home sux big time..:( anyhoo last monday i went to the Takers movie screening. Honestly, storyline wise is kinda boring. Was expecting more action than talking but that didnt happen. The action part was somewhere during the last 30 minutes or so towards the end of the movie. The only thing that i enjoyed about the movie was the view of paul walker and hayden christensen. Hayden's character was a lil babyish. While paul walker's character was more the kinda cool guy. A nice but not so nice twist at the end. Want to know what i mean??? Go check it out yourselves...ehehehehe :p so here's some photo's from the movie scene and the synopsis of the movie itself.

p/s: casting hayden and paul in a movie is a very very very good strategy i'd say...good with the ladies!eheheheheh and i was one of the early birds to arrive there thus got myself a souvenir from nuffnang. A Takers torch light with a world digital alarm clock. will snap the photos of the cool gadget once i get hold of my camera's charger.

to drool at...

super hawtness...

best view hayden and paul!
TAKERS takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies.  They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists.  But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Gotta A Feeling....

That 2nite's gonna be a good nite...that 2nite's gonna be a good nite...woot2...takers babayh....:) see ya nuffies...:D

p/s:i cant seem to be able to update the blog as frequent as i want coz havin some internet probs...:( so will curik2 internet connection whenever ada internet okies?:) and wait for the updates...

P/s/s: i takley nak reply comment lagi..this lappy wat hal to those yang comment..tanx...and papakeechee, tanx for the wonderful love story...:)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Premium Beautiful Info

Premium Beautiful

Salam dearies....

Another entry on this corset.

I bet there's a lot of you who is wondering whether or not this thing really works. Well, in my own personal opinion, i've been wearing it since last April and it does wonders to me and my family's health. Click here for my previous entry on premium beautiful. I can do free trial if you want. And mind you, I was skeptical about the whole corset thingy before i tried it on. Had all the negative ideas about it. But after putting it on, fell in love head over heels with it and am still loving it.

In this particular entry, just wanna share with you one of my client's(my bff) testimonials on premium beautiful. She is suffering from slip disc. And she is also suffering from thyroid. Yet she can't afford since she is still a student who is about to graduate but is very keen on the idea of owning her own pb set. Well whats the purpose of me becoming one of the dealer if i wouldn't help my own friend aite?

So i proposed to her to buy piece by piece and pay in installment instead. Her main aim is to help reduce and insyALLAH cure her back pain. And also to trim down her tummy. Alhamdulillah, her back pain is getting better, and she doesn't have to live on pain killers anymore. Her tummy pon dah turun sangat2 dah. She started wearing it during early Ramadan. And after a month plus of wearing it, she has lost like 5cm from the tummy area. She is only wearing the waist nipper for the time being.

This entry will be updated in the near future..ehehehhe ada hal japs..

Love Story

No no no...not another post on a movie or some disney's fairy tale. But just wanted to share a friend's true love story. For which i always felt like a fairy tale each time i read it. A short yet simple love story. Click here and here for the details... Oh my dear papakeechee, u ought to get this made into a movie or something tau!! And ingat, i nak jadi bridesmaid and the best man should be keanu reeves. ehhehehe :)

Glee - Puck/Mark Salling Tribute

A sweet, romantic, easy listening song puck's version..
best kot suara and his looks..eheheh =p

Takers Screening Free Ticket giveaway

Salam dearies...

I made a mistake....I thought that the screening of  Takers was on two different days...So basically, i have 4 tickets for which Mr. Monster Papa won't be ticket is reserved...another one pon kemungkinan i have another ticket to giveaway...any takers?

Friday, October 22, 2010

My All Time Favourite Song

Takley nak embed cni..donno why..isk..:( but kalau nak here. I bet you guys pon suka jugak kan???

A Walk To remember

huhuhuhuhuhuh yang nie i tahu best...sedih sangat...:'( nangis okie? sriusly..ehehehe :p

The Notebook

oh yang ni pulak???sapa dahtengok??best tak??eheheheh sorry...i tengah mood nak tengok luvey dovey movie...erm..basically any type of movie..eheheh

500 Days Of Summer

Sapa pernah tengok cerita ni? Best tak?? Banyak review yang kata best. Teringin nak tengok....hmmmm....Joseph Gordon levitt yang berlakon 10 thing i hate about you sudah aged...!!!sudah tua...ahahhahahaha Ops..i pon suda tua...hahahahhahahaha

P/s: Tengok joseph gordon levitt teringat kat keanu reeves...why ek??because of the dreamy eyes kot..oh m sooo in love with keanu...ehehehe and joseph gordon levitt neh comeyl la jugak...:p

Contest contest contest

Uh-oh... Im on my thrilled mode...i love participating in contest. Menang kalah, belakang kira. For you nuffies yang resistered but not active, rugi laaa....participate la lam contest...Lagi banyak and lagi rajin you join contest, nuffnang pon akan terbiasa buka blog you and once they are familiar with your blog, you nak generate ads pon senang. Other than that, nak upkan traffic pon bagus jugak. Its a very effective method!

First up, a contest sponsored by celcom. The winner takes away Blackberry Torch 9800. The contest is running from 18 October till 28 October 2010. Just blog about what you love about blackberry 9800 features and also do remember to share infos on Celcom Exec 50 Plan. A phone will be given on weekly winners. Meaning, a blackberry phone a week. One post per blogger is only accepted. For more info and to submit the, click here.

Second, from 20 October to 30 November, digi is organising a contest, "Free Your Ideas With RM 10,000 in support from Digi". Just come up with great and creative ideas that you and your friends always wanted to do. Keyword, CREATIVE. Snap a photo of 2/4 of your friends. State your ideas on a piece of cardboard or paper CLEARLY. Entry submission and infos please click here and here. (aged 13-30)

Third. Go Crazy With Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheezy 6 Pizza. Blog on why you love the new craze in town(pizza hut extreme cheezy 6 pizza). Include plenty of picas with the pizza. Make sure to mention all 6 types of cheese thats in the pizza. End your post with "I'm crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!" and lastly submit your entry here. Contest starts from 21 October 2010 and ends on the 16th November 2010. Rm2000 for the win. Good luck. :)

Takers Screening - Lagi...yeeeehaaawww!!

Yeeeehaaaaawww Baybeh!!!

Another pair of tickets to the screening of the movie Takers yours truly menang! Ini dikatakan rezeki..alhamdulillah...

The first win was a contest organised by nuffnang and the second is a contest organised by siren media and sony pictures. (Click here for the contest entry) Early birds will be given a Takers merchandise or something(this one under nuffnang) and there will be lucky draws(yang under siren media and sony pictures). Alhamdulillah. I'm sure the movie will be awesome. Don't mind watching it twice for 2 consecutive days. So in short, for two days in a row, i'll be having a date with my lover, Hayden Christensen!!! Wehoooo!!! :)

Will update you dearies on the movies and the screening..:) Stay tune..:)

Yet Another Loss....

Salam Darlings..

Sorry for the silence today....My internet connection is so ****ed up. Dont know why!!:(

Remember that i asked you to pray for our strength as my beloved uncle was in the hospital battling with cancer? Click here for the entry. Well, He loves him more and has ended my uncle's suffering eternally.

Prayers for him yeah. May Allah bless his soul and may he rest in peace. Amin. Al-Fatihah.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Premium Beautiful Penang

Just a short entry...

For those in Penang yang berminat nak dapatkan premium beautiful corset, boleh contact me...:) just drop me an email atau sms to 0163434431...:) kredit card, installments and cash semua diterima...cepat sementara promo rebate tengah berjalan...:) and to those yang nak hantar repair, pon boleh drop me an email..:) i boleh tolong hantarkan free of charge..:) oh ya, another thing, this PB boleh pakai even during your menses...:)

How To Center Banner On The Header Of Blog

Another blog tutorial for the day...

With the new layout of blogspot, some may find it hard in placing their banner at the center of their blog. So here, I would like to share with my darlings an easy step by step in adjusting your banner. Do click here to find out more. There will be photos and very clear instructions in simple english to guide you through the process. :)

Good luck darlings...:)

How To Change Your Post's Fonts

Salam Darlings....

A few of my darling readers has asked me on how did i changed my blog posts' fonts. So in this post, i'll tell you and teach you how. Its very simple and easy though.

I'll be teaching the method used for blogspot. I'm not so sure the methods for wordpress or xanga or others though. First up, sign in to your account. You will then be directed to your dashboard.

Click to enlarge

Click design for the blog that you wish to change.
Click to enlarge

Then click add gadget.

Click HTML/JavaScript.

Choose any of the codes that is available here and paste it there in the box. Don't forget to save. :D voila! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Social Network - Beware!!!

Darlings nuffnangers...another contest that you should be joining if your a movie addict.

Courtesy of  Sony Pictures Malaysia, 75 nuffies will be given a chance to watch the preview of  The Social Network 10 days prior to its official release. Just click the link that i'll be giving you, and then drop a creative comment on "Facebook changes my life because....." not more than 15 words excluding those 5 words. The preview is on the 1st November 2010 at 9pm GSC Mid Valley. Good luck darlings....:)

A Date With Hayden Christensen Baybeh!!!

Please click to enlarge
Alhamdulillah.......Thanx to Nuffnang for choosing my entry as one of the top 70 winning entries for this preview of Takers. Hayden Baybeh, wait for me yeah!!! Thinking of dragging Mr. Monster Papa to the premier but not sure whether he is free or not on the day. If not, just have to drag somebody else lah..anyone wants to volunteer???:)

First BE Earning From Nuffnang

Mood mode: Overly excited and happy!

Salam Darlings...
My first ever BE dan dapat dua sekaligus. Alhamdulillah. Basically i dont know how does Buffered Earning (BE) from nuffnang works but i do know that its better than the cpc campaign. Anyhoo, I'll share some tips  on how to get the BE campaigns. The tips that i'll be sharing is from what i have asked and practiced all this while till the day i finally get my hands on this long awaited campaign. So here are the tips:

1. Update
Most importantly, updating your blog on a regular basis is the vital aspects that you need to practice. A well updated blog will generate frequent visitors. When having frequent viewers, a company who wants to place an ad will surely chooses you. How minimum updates? As frequent as you can. 

2. Innit
Have you heard of innit before? A blogger community organised by nuffnang so that we can share infos, tips and change views with other bloggers who is registered with nuffnang. If you haven't sign up with innit, please do so. And please update your entry there every time you update your blog. Click here for innit

3. Blog Bunny hopping
Do go blog hopping and leave a comment at the respective blogs that you have visited. Usually, those bloggers will eventually come to your blog to pay you a visit too. And a friendship is created.:)

4. Update Blogger Bio
Please Remember to complete and as frequently as possible update your blogger bio at nuffnang. The survey is important as it is a medium used for the advertisers to know us, the blogger better. So update is always.

5. Politics
Advertisers takes into consideration what we blog about. So please, if you want earnings from nuffnang, do not blog about politics or sensitive issues. If you intended to blog on those stuffs, then please do proceed but do not expect advertisers to use your blog as a medium to advertise.

6. Ad Placement
Place the ads according to what is advised by nuffnang. That is by far the best placement for the ads in my point of view. And please just make sure that all the three ads is available on your blog as this will help maximise your chances of being chosen by advertisers.

7. Glitterati
Membership exclusivity is important too. You can read it in the FAQ at nuffnang homepage.

8. Copy And paste
Avoid totally copy and pasting whatever you've read in fb or mails. But instead, if you really would like to share it with your readers, try adding your point of view to it too. 

9. Blog From Your Heart
Just share whatever you feel like sharing. Write from the heart. Topics of interests, foods, recipes...anything. Try not to constrain to only one type of issue as advertisers will choose blogs that suits to their target audience. The wider range of issue that you blog, the wider range of blog readers you have aite?:)

10. Ticket
Try sending tickets to nuffnang asking about the criteria and whether your blog is suitable or where and what else that you can improve on. I did that and somehow, it helped me.:)

I guess, that's all for now. Hope the tips that i've shared will help you darlings in getting buffered earning campaigns from nuffnang...:) And tadaaa...this is my first two BE....=D

Cancer And Genetics?

Salam darlings...
When going through my keywords at nuffies, I realised that people who came to my blog searched on chemotherapy. I think its my call to do some research in order to share some infos on this matter in my blog now as i recently lost a beloved uncle(arwah uncle mie, my mom's younger brother) to leaukimia(donno how to spell it) and another uncle(uncle pa, my mom's second brother) is down with prostate cancer.

There are sayings that has yet to be proven clinically that cancer is in the gen. So in a way, its inherited. One thing that I realised through me and my family's observation based on my uncles' cases is that they share the same blood group and maybe they share the same favourite type of food where if they are given the option to eat it daily, they would do it with pleasure :p. But somehow, the cancer thingy starts just at my uncle's generation where in the past as in my grandpa and grandma's generation do not have this problem. All my prayers go out for you my dear uncle pa. (he is in the hospital right now, haven't been eating for 2 months now..:( and please pray for his strength and our strength yeah darlings). So basically, anyone of any age is susceptible to cancer and we should be aware of it and live in moderation.

So as i was googling for more info on the matter, i came across baby edday's blog posts on beating cancer. She shared some tips on how to beat cancer away. So here are some of the tips:

1. Cuddle
Cuddling somehow is scientifically proven to reduce stress cause it lowers the stress hormones and produces the happy hormones instead. So cuddle up people...yang dah kahwin tu, sila peluk cik abang and cik adik masing2 ya, and ur kids, mom, dad...everybody. That is why, whenever we are stressed out, a good cuddle somehow manage to do the trick if not much. Kan?? Mudah dan indah ciptaan Allah.

2. Tea or Coffee??
I'm not a big fan of coffee so thus its easy for me to make the choice. Tea is believed to have the antioxidant which then can reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Sleep
Yerp. Even your sleeping patterns can put you at risk if its not done the right way. Sleep well and sleep in total darkness. As the brain produces melatonin hormone which is the powerful cancer fighter only when you sleep in the dark. Sleeping in less darker room will cause less melatonin production. Thus exposing you to bigger cancer risk. No wonder our ancestors tak ada problem cenggini. They live in moderation, exercise plenty, sleep well in total darkness and love each other well!

4. Friends
Get more friends. More friends=less stress.

5. Pets
Get a pet. Basically, pets are seen as companions. It helps to reduce the stress and thus control your blood pressure and helps boost your longevity. Try getting one, then you'll know what and how i mean when i say that they'll help you reduce stress and such.

6. Eat Healthy
Please eat at least a serving a day of fruits/veges/whole grains. It helps avoid problems with your intestinal tracts.

7. Exercise(my least favourite word)
Well exercise doesn't mean you have to go to the gym and do all the work outs or basically go jogging aite? Make it fun yet sweaty!:) You can dance with your angels, chase them and play games which requires physical strength and basically make it FUN!:) Be creative. For those yang tak ada masa, balik rumah, naik tangga bukan naik lift. Tu pon dah kira exercise what!:) Hehehehe i have to kalau tak jangan harap i nak gi park semata-mata nak gi jogging semua...:p At a minimum 3x per week which every session lasts up to 20 minutes.

8. No No No To Cigars/alcohol
If you are smoking, quit now! and the same goes to alcohol. I bet yang ni semua dah tahu kan?

9. Weight
Obesity is linked to certain types of cancer. So people, watch your diet please, avoid fast food. And belilah Premium beautiful. It can really help!:)

10. Premium Beautiful
Wear it at least 8 hours a day. The infra red inside it helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

11.More tips? Click Here.

Click here for the test: Cancer Risk Assessment Test

Overview of the test questions
My result and the tips as to how to improve my llifestyle
Your Cancer Risk Is: Average (Raw Score: 56)
Take the Cancer Risk Test
And that is my score. Try to answer the test and then you'll find out how else can you do to help reduce the risk as they will give out tips on improving your lifestyle. So basically as a conclusion, the biggest factor to cancer is our lifestyle. So darlings, please be aware. :) Take care yeah!

P/s: If you are interested to know more on premium beautiful, please don't be shy to drop me an email at

Cornetto Show Your Love BE

As you all know, i was away from my lil blog for awhile. And good news is IM BACK at full swing now!!!!! Weeehooooo.. And alhamdulillah, at the day that I decided to come back, there is another good news awaiting for me at my nuffies account!!! Yerpie dee yerp!!! The title says it all. My first ever BE. Hahahaha sorry okie for you bloggers who hates and condemns other bloggers who blogs just for the sake of money! Well honestly, i do it for both. The passion of sharing, rantings, and if there is a chance for me to get some money out of it, why not?? But of course, do not do it purely based on monetary aspects alone. Put that aside. Just wanna share another contest that Walls Cornetto is having.

This contest is easy. You don't need to be a blogger to join in the fun. Eat as many cornetto ice-creams as you can. Collect the lids. Submit the lids along with the contest forms that can be obtained at all the participating outlet or you can download it here and print it out. For more info on the terms and condition, you can click on the cornetto advert banner at the top of my page and you will be redirected to their facebook's page. And the T&C is available there. Prizes such as Ipad, astro decoder, ipod touch and to name a few to be won. :) good luck darlings!!!!:) Lets show your love!!!


Oh me oh my...
Have you heard of the latest movie that is starring my beloved lover aka Hayden Christensen, Takers? It will be premiering on the 25th October 2010 at 9pm GSC Mid Valley. And the best part is, you'll stand a chance to get a pair of free movie passes to the premier. Cool huh? There is this contest going on organised by Sirens Media and Sony Pictures. For more info, please click here.

So basically, what you have to do is take the quiz, which Takers are you? and blog about your most favourite characters. Easy! Click here for the quiz. Hurry! The closing date is tomorrow. And obviously, since my lover is starring in the mmovie, i wouldn't want to miss him aite?

So, yours truly did the quiz and voila...its like me and hayden are destined for each other as he suits me the most!

And obviously, he is my favourite character as first and foremost, we are soul mates. When he was offered to star in the movie, he did asked for my opinion on which character that he should take, so after analyzing all the characters, i suggested he should take up aj's instead(perasan sekejap :P). And guess what? He too had the same idea as i did. heheheheh Well more stories on the characters yeah. 

I'm so in love with aj's character as he plans very detail and well. Its just something that i am not and i wish to change into. Im not good at planning. Neither am i good at following my heart. I'd say, i'm a very confused person and well aj is truly the opposite of me. He knows what he wants and how to get there. And he is the type who focuses on things one at a time. Truly maximumly the opposite of me. 

And am speechless as im so in love with aj and hayden christensen and hayden christensen as aj till somehow ive lost all the words to express my likeness to the characters!

For you darlings who is interested in joining this contest, you will also stand a chance to win awesome Takers goodie bags given out to 3 most attractive and creative entries. And also 2 Sony Walkman mp3 players giveaways as lucky draws.

P/s: action movie is not really my all time favourite as i cant stand the suspense BUT if there is Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Matt Dillon in it, i don't mind being in suspense through out the day! Oooohhh...the longer the better..can wash my eyes clean..:p

Credits to Siren Media and Sony Pictures

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Kelantan With Love

Salam darlings....
I'll be going off to Kelantan for a short while....
Visiting my dearie granny....Miss her loads...and she misses miffy and ayra sooo muchie muchie..
Woot we come!!! And cant wait to eat nasi kerabu everyday...and this time around, i nak cuba sup belut...balik kampung berkali-kali tapi skali pon tak penah makan sup belut lagi...=/

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chance And Chances

I wish that i'll be given a chance to change. Just hold on to whatever that is left and make the best of it.

What Would You Do??

What would you do if you are about to lose the only one you love because of your stupidity? :( Really hope that there is still hope and chance even though ive been given zillions of chances... But chances makes things giving chances, people change for the better..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nat King Cole - Fly Me To The Moon

Darlings...please enjoy the lyrics..
So romantic to the max...Oh how i love the oldies...
Yeah2, i know that its not valentines day or anything, it is not even my anniversary as there will be none anymore...
But it doesn't mean that i cant be mushy and lovey dovey aite?

Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

OMG, his voice is sooo sexy and melodious! 

Rubic's Cubic Solved

Salam darlings....

Just wanna share that i now officially know how to solve the rubic's cubic mystery. :) Thanx to my dear nephews (aniq airyl and aniq aimyr) and niece (tisya) for teaching me dengan penuh kesabaran. Wanna know what and how is the method? hehehe stay tuned ya..:P

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Green Tip A Day

Remember that I said something on giving a green tip a day? The tip for the day is.....

You can get the recycling man to come collect your recyclable trash at your door step and collect points which can be converted to cash over time. :D how cool is that? And the best part is, they accept almost everything. From old pc, unused or ruined monitors, handphones, handphone's battery, the normal aa battery and lotsa more.

You can check out their website here for more info on how, when, where, and what. Click HERE. For non-citizen of Malaysia, you can key in your passport number to register and for companies or organization, key in the registration number. How to register? And in order for you to get the door to door privilege, you have to pay a sum of RM10 lifetime. You can kindly click on the FAQ lists to know more.

Then you will be directed to a page like this.

Here is the list of things that they accepts. And when you click on the items, you will find out how much green points does it contributes. :)
Here are the lists of some items that you can exchange. You can even change the green points with cash instead. How cool huh???:)
 So darlings, lets start today, and jom kita bertanding sapa lagi banyak points??ehehe lagi berbaloi dari bertanding sapa lagi banyak BE and such kan?:p good luck dearies...

Green is the new black!!!Let's work towards making green the in thing!!:)

Senarai Halal

Salam darlings...
I won't be posting the lists of the so called restaurants lists that is not issued a halal status by JAKIM nor will i comment any further about the lists. All that i want to share with all of you here is, if you really wants a list of the halal's restaurants and dining lists, please kindly visit JAKIM's website and click on the halal portal. Please broaden your mind and please be more inquisitive when getting the proper info. Please do not blindly believe what you see or hear without investigating the source. InsyAllah, Allah will guide us.

Maher Zain - The Chosen One

Salam Darlings...

Good Morning...

Love the way they portray the real and the should be lifestyle of a muslim. And that is how the prophet Muhammad taught us. Spare some time to remind ourselves what have we done in order to continue the prophet's way of life?Remind ourselves whether or not are we practicing what we believe? Thoughts to ponder.

This song and the video are inspired by Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Maher Zain and Awakening Records felt they had to respond to the recent attacks on Prophet Muhammad through cartoons and Facebook. The result is this music video. It's a small attempt at portraying the true character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In a time of darkness and greed
It is your light that we need
You came to teach us how to live
Muhmmad, ya Rasoola Allah

You were so caring and kind
Your soul was full of light
You are the best of mankind
Muhammad, khairu khalqi Allah

Sallou 'ala Rasooli Allah
Habibil Mustafa
Peace be upon the Messenger
The Chosen One

From luxury you turned away
And all night you would pray
Truthful in every word you say
Muhammad, ya Rasoola Allah

Your face was brighter than the sun
Your beauty equalled by none
You are Allah's Chosen One
Muhammad, khayru khalqi Allah


I'll try to follow your way
And do my best to live my life
As you taught me
I pray to be close to you
On that day, and see you smile
When you see me


Lyrics: Bara Kherigi
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
© Awakening Records 2010

source : awakeningrecords via youtube.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maher Zain - Alhamdulillah (All Praises To Allah)

Before we go to lala land, lets all praise to ALLAH for giving us everything..;)

Maher Zain - BarakAllah

Dedicated to my sis in law, my bff emy dyana, couple more friends and to all those who are getting married... My prayers are with you... InsyAllah..ameen...:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's All This Fuss About???

What actually happen at the stadium???
I guess its too late now to be pointing fingers as to whose fault is it! And please please..this should not happen..I'm not siding on any sides but condolence to the family of the deceased..-al-Fatihah...
More info, please click here.

The Reason I'm Smiling Again...

Darlings... Check this out...!!! The comment above just made my life brighter especially now when i need it the most. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. This is one of the reasons as to why i started blogging. Hmm... will put a post on that too in the very near future. I'm slowing my speed at blogging this few days as I need to focus on my personal life a little. Need to settle down some problems, then insyAllah, by all means, i'll try to get my focus back on this blog of mine for it to be back on track. I'm so sorry. 

Glee - Losing My Religion (REM)

Loves the tune to this song. Do enjoy ya darls..;) An upbeat song to wake you up on monday morning!!! Work work work!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glee - Over the Rainbow

Salam dearies..If you are feeling a little down, hope this song will cheer you up..
Glee style...ehehehhe pada yang dah bosan ngan keangauan glee saya, sila abaikan post ini..:p

Monday, October 11, 2010

Glee - To Sir With Love

Dedicated to each and every single of the special person who has taught me right from wrong, weak from strong..changed me from crayons to perfume...What can i do in return? To sir with love...thanx dear teachers for teaching me the meaning of life...=) This song is dedicated to you..

Glee - All the single ladies

My angel(miffy) likes singing to the chorus of this song. But she sing it like this...
" oh sikit yagi...oh sikit yagi...o o oooo....o o o oooo...o o ooo...o o o ooo"
and this is another glee version which i find it amusing and at the same time funny. enjoy the vids.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maher Zain's Ticket Showcase

Salam Dearies
For those who are still searching and wants to watch Maher Zain live in person...fret not..:) 
There's still hope...
The news just came in. A friend of mine text me saying that he will be performing at SACC Shah Alam on the 12th October 2010 at 8pm. Difference is, you maher zain's fans out there need to buy a table. The price ranges from rm3000, RM5000 and RM10 000 per table consisting of 10 people. For those who are interested, please call up 0133654829 cik noraini. 

Glee - Mark Salling's Tribute to the Crew and casts

Rise and shine people...!!!
Another Glee song but this time it is not a cover version but an original which is written and composed by Mark Salling aka Puck dedicated to his fellow casts and crews of GLEE. A sweet song sung by a sweet and macho guy! *drools*

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Premium Beautiful Part 1

Salam dearies...

Dah lama I tak update on the benefits of premium beautiful kan? Am taking this opportunity to give my very own testimonials after wearing it on and off for the first month and now it is a must have in my daily routine for almost 3 months now. Tak pakai, tak sah. First up, let me share with you some of my negative view or shall i say fear of corset before even putting it on.

1. Just imagining me putting a corset on myself is a nightmare, let alone wear one. Mesti panas and tak selesa.
2. Harga mahal la...ehehehe and why waste sebab i rasa i takkan pakai and i can spend on other things using that amount of money..ley dapat lagi banyak barang.
3. 3 pieces all together??ops, i dont have much time to waste just to pakai baju berlapis2 ni..and Malaysia panas kot..tak kuasa la
4. I'm not even fat, kalau tak pakai corset pon takder hal lah.
5. Corset lain pon ada FIR thingy tu, better buy those as the price is cheaper. etc

That was during the first time i found out about this corset. Then after having my 2nd angel, and after breastfeeding, my body's structure has taken a change. I used to have very bad back pain and during the nights, i would make sure that all the pillows is carefully placed behind my back as to support it. If I were to missed doing it, then i'll be spending the rest of tomorrow on the bed and its even painful to turn around. Duduk salah, baring pon salah. It gets worse after giving birth to my 2nd angel. I can't even sit on wooden chairs. Need to sit only on comfy sofas and such. Nak kena sandar kat tempat menyandar yang comfy2 jugak. Duduk lama-lama atas lantai pon sangatlah menyeksakan. And the pain I have to endure after going for long walks is unbearable. It starts at the heels and goes up to my spine. OUCH! I couldn't even wear high heels and cheap shoes/slippers anymore. And i sepatutnya tak boleh angkat heavy stuffs. Tapi takkanlah kita tak dukung anak sendiri kan? And my kids, up till today pon nak dukung2. Reason, malas nak naik tangga so dierorang bagi alasan sakit kaki lah apa lah. And being a loving mom, i kesian so i dukung la. Lepas tu, hah, sakit ntah pape la!

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Green Tips

Salam Dearies...

A green tip for the day....

We are always aware that being green means to reuse, reduce and recycle. But do we actually do this on a daily basis? Please stop procrastinating. Act now. The longer we wait, the worse it will be and there will be no turning back. And stop creating excuses as to you are not doing anything to contribute to the pollution. Well, HELOOOO!! You start contributing to the green house effects right at the moment where you wake up in the morning. You'll sure use the bathroom to shower and such. And there are a few amongst us who love brushing teeth while leaving the water to run. That, my dear darlings is a waste. You are wasting clean source of water. The same goes for the shower. Do turn it off when not in use.

Then after finish taking shower, you'll use the hair dryer to blow dry your hair. Please remember to switch the plug off at the plug point and to pull out the plug when not in use. If ever the power at the plug point is not switched off, the electric current is still ongoing.

Then you'll get ready to go to work and ride in your car to the office alone. Hmm... Did you know that co2 emission is the highest contributor to the green house effects? So how can you reduce it? You need to get to work somehow! Why not carpool with colleague who is staying nearby. One car = 4 person thus saving 3 cars on the road means less congestion and reducing traffic. Or opt for a public transport. If your work place is not far from home, why not cycle instead? You help mother nature, and also help your body to keep fit and healthy.

P/s: I'll think i should stop for now. I've given more than 1 tips already..ehehehehe :p saving the tips for later. Toodles.

Social Education

Salam Dearies...

Teaching your angels how to socialize. Is it a complicated task or a simple one instead? Well every single child is born individual. Thus it differs from child to child. And it also differs as to how they are raised and the surroundings. As for me, Miffy is more to a very shy and is a little slower to be comfortable with strangers. But once she has warmed up, then she'll be all bubbly and talkative. As for Ayra, she can get along very well and very easily. She will be very talkative and warm right from the beginning.

Why am i rambling about this you may ask. It is because, I've decided to home school my angels and one of the most common question asked when i share with people of my decision is that how will my kids learn to socialize because to them, my kids will only see each other and me without interacting with other kids. This is where they are wrong. I'll make sure that every evening, my angels have their share of happiness and fun by bringing them to the playground and such. There will be other kids there and eventually, my angels would want to make friends. They might not be seeing the same set of friends on a daily basis like other kids who attends kindy but it doesn't mean that they do not know how to socialize.

Other than that, kids who attends kindy, oh well not just kids, but even adults who works in offices too don't know or is not that good at socializing and sharing. Alhamdulillah, my kids know and is learning very well to share their things responsibly. They also will come out to socialize with people when ever i were to bring them to my friend's houses if there are kids there. Socializing is not just confined to the same age. But my kids socializes with my friends too and being kids, they never discriminates people despite their different religion, backgrounds, colour or race. And I have friends from all over the world having different religion and races. Thus my friends are my kids' friends too. =D

Some people will say that kids who are home schooled are spoilt and kinda hard to part with the mothers. But as for me, I can let my angels go out with the aunts or uncles without me tagging along if I know how to slowly talk to them and explain why I wouldn't follow. And it is all up to our reasoning. It is much easier to reason with kids compared to adults. Kids try to understand whilst adults try to make you understand instead. All you have to do is put some faith in a child and they will put faith in you in return. :)

Thus all in all, teaching my angels how to socialize is not that hard as they do go out from time to time to the outside world where they will meet strangers, only difference is, i'll be there next to them to monitor it from close. I guess home schooling really makes the bond between the mother and child stronger as a mother is the teacher, a friend, the disciplinarian and basically, the mother/father is their everything. And with so many social illnesses cases nowadays, i guess home schooling is one of the best ways to cure all this. It's a long term and a slow process but the outcome is  confirmed to be good. With the right mind set, and the right attitude, home schooling is the best way for a child. :)

Glee - Journey Medley

Salam dearies...
Another post on the songs in Glee...
Just love listening to glee's cover songs and watching to glee..
Somehow it makes me adrenaline rush..Semangat gitu..jadi kalau nak wat keja pon best..segar bugar..
Lepas tu rasa nak menari je dengar lagu dia..ehehehe my kids pon sesangat la suka..
And the dance steps pon best..ehehe kalau pasang kat tv, ley menari2 ngan angels..=) and they LOVE it..ehehe release tension and stress..bagus tau! and also exercise...nobody is let urself loose..=P
So here is the medley...=) enjoy

P/s: Lagu yang last tu, masa mula-mula I tengah angau cerita ni, i set lagu tu as ring tone, so biler angels dengar and dah boleh nyanyi lagu tu, dierorg chop tu lagu kibu(ibu).eheheh up till now.

Teaching The Angels

Salam dearies...

Good morning...

Oh well, just wanted to share some of the methods that i've practiced in teaching my angels how to recognize the alphabet. Well, first did anyone of you remember that i've shared a link in my previous entry that the angels frequents? Click here to refresh your memories.

And as of today, I would like to share with you the method of me teaching my angels. I'll get them to remember the shapes, name of the alphabet and the sound. Next, I'll get them a pencil and a book each (preferably a colourful magazine where the writings are big ie the mickey mouse clubhouse magazine, a colouring story book etc). Then, open up a page and ask them to circle the alphabet that they have learn for the day. At the same time, ask them repeatedly the sounds of the alphabet and the name of it from time to time. When they have finish the task, reward them with goodies or play some games. Make the learning process as much fun as possible.

P/s: More home schooling tips and method please click here. And I was so inspired and determined to home school my angels after watching mama fiza's interview on WHI.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Williams Italian Warung

Just wanted to update my previous entry with the pictures that i snapped myself. Click here for the previous post. The pictures was taken before the month of Ramadan. Hehehe one of the delayed entry. Sorry for being absent minded bout it.

Green Tips

Deary darlings...

Salam to all....

Just wanted to inform you that i'll be sharing some green tips from time to time. If possible, a green tip a day. InsyAllah i'll try my best to share what i know and if there is anyone amongst you that is willing to share and wants me to share her blog too, kindly leave me your url in the comment section okie? Sharing is caring.

I'm trying my best to blog on varieties of topics. So do bear with me okie? =)

Swimming Lessons For FREE

Remember that I said that I wanted to give free swimming lessons? So here it is. The info on the free swimming lessons. Erk..I didn't say that I wanted to give the swimming lessons personally aite? I don't even know how to swim and after watching the tutorials, i think i am going to start on my class tomorrow.

This is among the best that i've found on the net. Click here. Loved it as it teaches right from basic and that is the breathing method. It may look easy, but for a beginner, that is the most important lesson as if you are not able to have the right breathing method, than the chances of you drowning is very high. Thus people, practice and improve the breathing method first. And the video is also on youtube.

Oh btw, the website is actually in french but you can translate it to english via google chrome. I'm not so sure if mozzila and IE has the same ability. The methods shown is a very easy to understand as it shows in detail the body, feet movement from sideview, rear view and so on. The method that is shared is actually the same method that any swimming instructor would teach you. A friend of mine told me this once upon a time. So with this, lets go splash ourselves.

P/s: You can learn a lot from youtube. Not just watch and enjoy music/movies but instead you can also learn how to cook, sew, even the art of folding clothes. * a reminder to myself* :p

Shopping Experience At Ikea


The Ikea catalogue is OUT!!!!

Go get yourself a copy. I've taken mine. Siap post to a friend in Alor Stuck gi ( waving to you la deqna...heheheh da dapat da??selamat decorate bilik baby k darl?:D ) Ada sesiapa nak order buku ni ka? Can email me. I'll try do my best..:) but I'll charge for posting la. Hehehe It has been a hobby of mine since ikea mula-mula pindah to its own building for me to go grab a copy of their catalogue. Bukanlah hajat nak memborong but just for the sake of 'cuci mata' and for the sake of inspirations plus ideas on how to do the decorations. But honestly, I prefer deco yang dalam katalog ikea tahun 2005, 2006, 2007. As for this year, deco dia nampak not so feminine and sangat padat. I don't like rumah yang banyak sangat barang. I suka sepah and MALAS nak kemas (hahaha yerp, im a very2 lazy person..its a well known fact :p). Less things, less mess. 

I love going there. Why? Because the facilities aplenty, the curry puffs are delicious, the salmon is soooo yummylicious, and the angels enjoy themselves as there are the smaland where they can play. And FYI, ayra can eat up like 5 pieces of ikea's curry puffs in one seating. So if ever she is down with fever, then ikea curry puffs is a must have cause that is the cure to her appetite (yeah, she may look small, but her tummy is very expendable as her appetite is huge and she only stops eating when she sleeps). Don't let me start on the foods available at the cafe. The prices are very reasonable too. I'd prefer dining there compared to other fast food or restaurants available around the area as the potions are huge and its affordable. They are famous for their meatballs. And that is one of the must have during our visits. Other than that, you should also try the salmon in chives sauce. It is very addictive. The chicken leg is also a must have too. If you are shopping with baby, worry not as they have a microwave available for use to reheat the baby's milk or food. 

Just wanna share some pictures of the angels enjoying themselves there. Thanx to their godfather-in-training for spoiling us with lunch and an ice cream treat as a birthday pressie for Miffy.

Playboy Dihukum


JAKARTA: Bekas ketua pengarang majalah Playboy Indonesia bersedia memulakan hukuman penjara dua tahun kerana menerbitkan gambar wanita berpakaian tidak senonoh, kata peguamnya semalam. 

Ogos lalu, Mahkamah Tinggi mendapati Erwin Arnada bersalah kerana melanggar undang-undang perbuatan sumbang di negara majoriti Islam itu. Dia dihukum penjara dua tahun.

Walaupun Arnada menafikan kesalahan, dia akan mematuhi keputusan itu sambil melancarkan rayuan akhir, kata peguamnya, Ina Rahman. Bekas pengarang itu bercadang menyerah diri ke Pusat Tahanan Jakarta.
Indonesia, negara sekular paling ramai penduduk Islam di dunia, memiliki kebebasan media dan sejarah toleransi, walaupun pelampau kecil terpinggir menjadi lebih berani sejak kebelakangan ini. 

Arnada berdepan bantahan nyata daripada versi kurang lucah majalah Amerika itu yang menghiasi gerai berita pada 2006. Dalam tempoh beberapa minggu, anggota Barisan Pertahanan Islam tegar menyerbu pejabat majalah itu di Jakarta Selatan. – AP

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P/s: Malaysia tak ada any act on pornografi kan? I think they ought to have one laa...