Thursday, February 17, 2011

The One With Ayra's eyes

Ayra with her allergic reaction. Her skin is super highly allergic. This is what usually happens if she were to rub her eyes even if its just 2/3 rubs. Her allergic reaction has been quite frequent this past few moths and that is she'll be having swollen eyes say like once every 2/3 weeks gap or it can be as frequent as everytime she rubs her eyes. Doctor would just prescribe some antibiotic and a medicine to just reduce the swollen eyes. So, I think its time for us to go straight to her skin specialist again or maybe i'm trying out ainun therapy thingy coz heard that it works wonders. Will update to you darlings bout the progress. Need to go out and get the set. Toodles. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blame The Dust in The Eyes

Of all the numerous american idol audition that i've watched so far, this is the one and only that somehow made me feel as if im in a really really dusty room...:p all of a sudden, my eyes are filled with crystal clear water..
salute to chris for his LOVE!!!:)

The basi surprise gift

To my dear beloved loyal reader miss zoe ana and miss papakeechee, your long expired surprise gift is on their way to the north. Hopefully by tomorrow, u'll receive the parcel and hope both of you angels love it as much as i did...:) sorry for the delay.

Wedding Crasher???

OoooOO halooooooo????!!!
Sorry darlings...lack of updates=bz yang melampau
Good news is that unifi sudah sampai di area rumah saya...Bad news is that unifi BELUM sampai rumah saya..(*hint hint encik suami*) :p
Bad news is that ive been forever silence this past few months...good news is that been bz with lotsa activity thus ada gambar cuns and boleh update byk..ehehehe so utk mula stretch jari jemari yang tak berapa nak runcing and halus mulus ini menaip keyboard,  kita dengar lagu feveret dululah ya...joms layans..:)
My current obsession...

Friday, February 4, 2011


i miss blogging sooo much..been bz with the house, my 2 new bundle of joy, my stuffS, my work...oh me oh my...bila la boleh start active blogging balik ni??byk gils updates..eheheheh gambar pon byk gils snap dah rajin travel with the big bulky dslr as my most loyal companion...kesetiaan mengalahkan my angels dua tuh teman i...:p ehehehhehe so hope u darls tak serik dtg blog i sbb dah agak berkurun tak update..:p will curik2 time update jugak..rendu bangat loer...;p toodles darl..

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Salam darlings...
Bila tengok kawan2 ramai yang preggy and baru gave birth...terase CEMBURU okayh!!!:p rase cam nak ajer mengandung...:) but bila terkenangkan si kecik dua ni masih belum puas bermanja, redha jer la..ada rezeki ada la..ehehehehe :p  For my deary darlings yang tgh count down to ur due date, good luck darl..:) and to those yang dah dapat baby, motherhood is sooo  much FUN kan???:)