Friday, March 11, 2011

Dresses 2 Die 4

Very bohemian and very my style..ailoike...;)

suri's dress - holmes & yang, designed by non other than katie holmes herself y'all!;) love the dress' print design soo much!
Also by holmes & yang - bought this for miffy! ;) will post it in here whenevs she puts it on!;)

I bet those yang takder baby girls terus terasa nak nak sesangat ada baby girl lepas tengok dresses ni kan kan kan?? Tu baru i post baju-baju yang suri pakai. Belum post yang Zahara, Hope, Harlow segala pakai. Best wooo ada baby girl ni. Boleh teman shopping barang-barang girly stuffs as in baju, mekap, accessories, shoes etc. Tak la rasa bosan sangat time pi shopping sebab depa tak meragam kalau teman kibu dia pilih baju, malah tolong pilih sama...;) Siap bagi suggestion untuk mix and match ngan yang mana. Kelas gitu!!

But as for now, i dah jarang pi shopping mall semata-mata nak window shopping sebab window shopping dari rumah sahaja. Masuk Fb nowadays pon rase cam tawaf gardens, pavillion, OU, curve, midvalley only difference is tak dapat nikmat pegang and try baju-baju tuh secara real la..tapi boleh try dengan imagination kan kan kan?;) And tak membazir duit minyak. Status purse i, kronik anorexic. muahahahaha :p

Speaking of these dresses, i googled for celebrity's princesses style and came across a few blogs featuring the style and where to get 'em. Mostly girl's style, but there is also a few boy's style available for viewing. Maklumlah, i'm no fashionista myself thus need some reference to dress and style my 2 angels. Kids nowadays sangatlah advance. pandai demand-demand on how and what to wear.

Just wanna share my point of view on things....ehehehe Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a lil tomboyish and Zahara is very girlish! Very very cute and unique sense of style. Best tengok..;)

Click here - Suri Cruise Clothes Blog - Learn and sila cuci mata tengok dier nye style. Kecik-kecik pun dah pandai stylo habis. ;)

Click here - Suri Cruise Fashion - Kat sini you boleh refer suri cruise's style.

Click here - Hollywood's jr celeb's style - Kat sini boleh view banyak ongoing sales yang ada kat US, and also pictures of cute Hollywood jr celebs and their style. Best sangat!;) Enjoy!

Click here - Violet Affleck Fashion Blog - Anak sulung Ben Affleck ngan Jennifer Garner. Simple yet very down to earth nye clothing..for me that is..:p

Selamat menjamu mata..:0)

Comey kan kan kan?

So very the classic!suka sangat!
P/s:Seb baik la yours truly dok kat msia, jadik buta le sket fashion neh maka tak la boros sangat...!! muahahahaha

P/ss: Best laks jadik anak celebrity ni sebabnya kebanyakan dari baju-baju dierorang tuh tak beli pon instead dapat free...;) tapi yang tak seronoknya takder privacy. pastuh apa sahaja yang dibuat mesti nak dijudge oleh public.bosan dowh!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute Song For My Mr Monster Papa

Sayang...i heart you soooo MUCH!!!;)

I know that its not something that i produced or write on my own, but this song is something that defines how i feel about you eventho sometimes you DO get on my nerve and i feel like strangling you to death, but hey your the father to my childs...and being married to you is one hell of an awesome roller-coaster ride for which i dont wanna ride off ever!!!amiin.. i heart you my dear monster papa, ding dong bell tinker bell!!!

p/s:sorry for the mushy lovey dovey post...cudnt resist dedicating this song to my hubby..ehehehe i know, ramai kot yang dedicate lagu ni kat their partner..coz the song is soooo kiiiiyuuuut!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh my....

Just found this cute blog....can't stop reading and viewing the photos+videos...

u'll sure want one scottish fold after visiting this blog....

click here to be redirected

p/s: maru's housemate even published a book full with maru's pictures and even a dvd of maru'!!! i'm sooo gonna get this! i guess it's available at kinokuniya...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreamy Beds??


Oh my! I'm done with decorating my living, guest room, dining room, bedroom(halfway there). And now its time for me to decorate the angel's room. I still can't decide whether to buy them a single bed each or should i invest in a queen size bed instead? There is this 2 beds that i've got my eyes glued on which is available at ikea. Oh well, i know some of you out there might ridicule me for turning my house into mini ikea as most of my furnitures comes from there(sy malas nak ke kedai perabot lain, di ikea senang sbb everything is under one roof..pfffft ;p). Even my papa monster grumbles and complaints a lot bout my relationship obsession with ikea.

Papa monster says that the price for furniture at ikea is over-charged la apa la. You can get the same design at a lower price at a 'pama's furniture store. Well hey, the material is not the same, and depa tiru and ciplak design ikea! Say NO to piracy!(except this pirate of course)

Yeah, yeah, I know, Ikea kat msia ni mahal sikit sebabnya nak wat caner, gov tax mahal kan? But some of the things murah dari beli kat tempat lain and ada warranty. You can even return it if you change your mind and they'll give you FULL refund tanpa banyak soal. So, okie apa. Mana ada kedai lain yang wat camtuh kat msia ni? Kalau kat obersea, takyah citer r! Ops dah terlari tajuk. So here is the 2 design of beds that i suka.

Yang ni i suka sebab dia comey. Ada kerawang2 kat kepala. Nampak classy and yet dia simple ja!

I suka katil ni sebab simple and tak tinggi. So kalau angels, jatuh katil pon, not to worry sangat la sebab tak tinggi kan?? And design dia simple je. Mr. Monster papa suka sebab MURAH. hehehe

But i'm still undecided. Kalau tanya mr monster papa, sat dia suruh i beli yang queen, the next minute he'll changed his mind suruh i beli yang single instead. Adoi, lagi menambah pusing kepala wa!:p Pastuh tiba-tiba papa monster suggest suruh beli double decker(which is soooo not in my list at all! And thats totally a BIG NO from me) So, what say you?

P/s: Post ini bukan dibayar siarannya oleh ikea. Mahupun ia bertujuan untuk promote ikea..ehehehe :p 

Tutu Styles

I did told ya that im in love with tutu right now aite? I've compiled some of the famous hollywood celeb's daughter (suri cruise and harlow madden) styling their tutu..

soooo loving her skirt here and also her heels...:)

Tutu skirts is like a MUST haves in every lil girl's closet. A for me, its the most easiest skirt to style. You can never go under-dress with it even if ur pairing it with some simple shirt. Wear it with leggings, tights, or juz ur bare legs, the fashion can never go wrong. The fashion itself will never go out of trend. :D 

P/s:kalau adult pakai tutu gi jalan2 pelik tak??adult yang bertudung that is..ehehe cam teringin jerk..:p comey sgt okie tutu skirt ini!!!:p

*pictures credits to GOOGLE

My Love

This is a tribute to BRUNO MARS since they are coming to Malaysia...
The concert ticket is on my b'day wish..*hint hint* zoe ana, mr hubby, kak oyin, zimas, emy, if you guys are reading this!;)

Really2x wanna go and watch 'em perform LIVE!:) His voice is SUPER sexay!!!:) Enjoice...!!!

P/s: im soooo loving the vid clip!!and who the hell still uses a walkman with cassette init??dah berkurun tak tgk benda alah tu...hehehe 

The One With The Two2s

The monster in me is trying to get out!!adoiyai...tgh rambang mata pilih dresses utk angels dua..
Memana baju2 lama nak KENA MUST replenish ngan dresses yang girly2 kan kan kan???
ehehehe And that is like a reason that i've managed to create for me to justify my shoppaholic monster inside of me... And I was like on a tutu rampage... The 'miss-magnetic-to-cute-lovely-fun-things' (my shoppaholic monster's name) went berserk everytime i lay eyes on tutu skirts on photo tags in FB.
And thus, yours truly managed to get hold of a few pieces of the tutu skirt for miffy and ayra..yeay!:p
Try and have a look at these cute tutus...How can you not say yes???:p

Now i bet after seeing some of these photos, the monster in you is trying its might to wriggle out..;p

P/s: Click on the link underneath the photo to be directed to the fb shop that i went shopping in..