Saturday, June 18, 2011

Designer Perfumes For Sale

I've updated my lists of available perfumes which is for sale at a bargain priced which is very irresistible. Please do not hesitate to take a look at the lists and email me to order. :) Good sold are 100% original as i do not sell knock offs. Click the Perfume tab above. Happy Shopping darlings. ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

wwwow awards

I've pasted the link for everyone to vote my picture on the apps bar to the left of the blog and next to the ads on top and also at the bottom of the ads after each posts. Please do vote for the picture i've submitted if you think that its a very2 nice.

P/s:its a non edited and all natural picture. :) Hope everyone enjoys it as much as my hubby enjoyed snapping and waiting for the right moment to snap it. Thanx all. :)

wwwow awards submission

Alhamdulillah. I've sucessfully submitted mr ding dong bell's art piece for the wwwow awards. Please vote for his artwork. :) Click on the picture below to be redirected or click HERE.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short, inspiring cartoon

Credits to obefiend for sharing this. ;)

A short and simple inspirational cartoon of a blind girl. Take a look at what the cartoonist sees from the eyes of a blind girl. Such ordinary world that turned into a magical world full of magical things. Very naive and sweet little cartoon. :)

Ice-cream date

(This is a SUPER delayed post as the original post has been hay-wired by blogspot when they decided to do the maintenance)
Aslmkm darlings...

How are you?:) Last Tuesday had a mini reunion with my bestie in high school. Brought the two angels. And we really had a great time hanging out. Met up in ikea's cafe with my bestie, Nurul Ain Nasim Yusof. It's been almost to 10 years since the last time we met.

Cik Miffy posing for the camera

The yummylicious fish and chips.

The oh so hanyir salad. They should have given lotsa more lemon.

Nice pudding. 

The blueberry muffins.

My soo angelic angels.:)

Us girls. :)

We were classmates in high school. Right after PMR, being a braniac and a genius(ain of course, not me), she landed herself an irresistible offer to MRSM. So leaving me behind in my normal high school. Once you are in a boarding school, then your life is busy as hell(in my perception)and it was very hard for me to meet with her and vice versa.

After completing high school, our path never crosses each other. She furthered her study in the UK whilst i struggled for my STPM and then went to IIUM. Then i got married and here i am, blogging about myself. And since she is working in KL, we decided to catch up with each other and hence, the mini reunion.

Girls will always be girls. We gossiped, laughed our hearts out and refreshed every moments of the pasts that crossed our memories. Talked about the future and plans of tomorrow that yet to be known.

She kept on saying, "seronok kan u dah ada anak?" and "OMG, your married with kids dah! Unbelievable". Babe, if your reading this, tetiba aku rase cam OMG, betul ke cik miffy and miss ayra tuh anak aku? OMG, aku pon cam tak caya je aku pernah beranak...dua kali laks tu... And ain darling, you make me feel soooo OLD la pulak! Insaf kejap secara tetiba. Dah mak budak, takley la nak hoo haha..:p Sila control ayu ye cik PUAN Adlina pffffffft :p.

It was nearly 3 hours that we chit chatted and reminiscence the pasts. Luckily the kids were pretty much absorbed with the cartoon on Cartoon Network. So they didn't really bother to bother me and ain except for the times when their mouth is empty. They were munching happily to the yummylicious ikea's meatball and fries.

Ain had some other appointments after meeting up with me, thus we said goodbye. I swear, if she didn't have to go somewhere else, we'll still be talking till ikea closes. And seriously ain, (if ur reading this), cik miffy and miss ayra sangat-sangat angelic haritu okeh! So please imagine what i have to deal during those times that they are not being an angel themselves. :p Horror?! Agak la...:p Like FATHER like daughter yer..NOT like mother like daughter part perangai tu! :p

After bein stuffed with ikea's food, me and the angelica's went to THE Curve to feed my cravings for ice cream. We shared a bowl of banana royal. SAngat lah sedap. The moment the boy scooped our ice creams into the plastic cup/bowl, then i guess, less than 5 minutes, the ice cream starts to melt. It shows how HOT kL is nowadays. We digged into our ice creams viciously. Siap berebut-rebut. Sempat lagi bercam whoring. Cik miffy loves camera and loves posing for the camera. She posses very very good. Ala-ala model gitu. I swear i don't know where she get it from or learn. Coz i myself am not photogenic and camera hates me. My hubby? Pon tak suka camera. Kalau ada gap casting, please inform me, wanna try and send cik miffy.

So we cam whored a WHOLE lot. Thus, enjoy the picture. This is what i call 'LIFE'S SIMPLE PLEASURE'. Even small things and simple things such as spending time with your loved ones doing simple things like camwhoring, chit chatting yang nonsense, ice creaming etc, can really make your day. Oh yeah, I love going shopping with especially miffy because she can be a very very good shopaholic friend because she is good at spotting good bargains and good stuff that is on sale. :) And as for miss ayra, she is juz too lazy to walk, prefers being carried around or being pushed inside the trolley/stroller.

Ayra muka steam sebab rambang mata.

Cik miffy posing with angelina's mouth konon.


The toppings.

kejap je dah cair as it was sooo hot time tu..:p

Muka tak sabar

P/s: Ada banyak lagi gambar tapi as i said earlier on, blogger haywire and all my pictures jadi scripts. pffffft :P adoi...maka ketak laratan melanda nak upload gambar2 yang lain. just enjoy the pictures yang ive uploaded instead yer..;) mmmmuah

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

wwwow awards

okies...can anyone tell me how to submit entry for the wwwow awards?ingat nak submit yang gambar encik ding dong bell ambil.....anyone?plsss

My Mr Ding Dong Bell Art piece

My mr ding dong bell art piece.

Salute Nurul izzah and rpk

Friends of Malaysia, Singapore and Australia Forum with Raja Petra Kamaruddin and YB Nurul Izzah from Lutfi Hakim on Vimeo.

A video i found in one of the blogger's blog. Never heard or watched nurul izzah's talk before neither have i watched RPK giving a speech. Loved this video and they are funny. Just love the way they voice out their minds and they are sooo good at public speaking. How i wish i was like em. hmmm...:) Tetiba adore nurul izzah neh. And loves the way she wears her hijab. And she is oh so beautiful. Just like the mother. :)

My Workspace

Let's feast our eyes on this very organised workspace. Loving the colour and the soo organised work space where everything has its own place. I'll never ever be in that place as i'm a messy type of person.

Maybe in the near future, i'll redo my attic into something similar as to this. There is a place to work and also a place to leisure. So it'll be easy to keep an eye on my angels. :D Dontcha think so?;)

Loving the chair design and also the idea of hanging up all the postcards. I'd love putting up postcards with very good scenery of places that i'd like to go to. It'll help relax my mind and help to generate ideas. Aite?

Very simple workspace. Suka sangat. But then again, i'll never can keep it that simple as i have lotsa things and love looking at things that i own. But sooo loving the simplicity in those pictures.

Kalau wat untuk angels workspace pon smart jugak ni kan?:)

Blue and white. Nice. Basically, i love white furnitures. It adds space to rooms. Where on earth depa juai kerusi itu??sgt suka..:)

Simple gila jugak. Oh so in love with white.

Okie, so now let me share the pictures of my working space. 

That is my notice boards. Yerp. Had to have 2 as i bought the grey first then only did mr ikea release the glass collection. As you all are aware of, im a shopaholic and thus really had to get the glass version of the notice board or my life is just not worth living. Hahaha yeah i can be greedy in those ways. :p

Tak tahu lah kenapa, tapi tetiba gambar neh gelaps pulaks.;p This is the look of my table on normal working days. On non working days, the looks remain cluttered and the same. Hahaha :p

PSP by my side ( only if cik miffy is not in the house). I can get bored at times and thus psp is there to make me happier. ;p And i loooooooove colourful things. Thus you can see very very colourful stationery here and there.

My source of inspiration. Can you guess who is who? :)

This is my hub's personal favourite kot. That is why he put it up himself. A personal choice i guess. Yer la, konon nak bagi semangat suruh isteri rajin berkerja surf tenet and jangan dok pandang other hot guys sgt..hehehehe He can be romantic and weirdly funny in that sense. ;P

Erk~ sumber inspirasi jugak ni. Tatkala mata letih memandang lappy, take a time off to rejuvenate my eyes and minds. 

Sooo loving this cute pen which is pressie from my sis bf. It goes really well with the sticky notes kan?;)

My lovely calendar. A gift from encik ding dong bell. Suka suka suka. There's a picture/pictures of henry my other bf. :p

Iklan 8tv sejenak di ctu.

Handsome kan?He is staring at me whilst im getting my work done. His smile is contagious. I'll smile everytime i look at him.

Still a baby...learning and trying to master. :)

Mr moo moo riding my loyal study lamp. Lama dah woo lampu ni. Ikea pon dah discontinue this particular design. 

My collection of magnets. Ada yang nak derma utk tambahkan collection i? Sila...Thank you in advance.

My stress ball/donut. My colourful note book. Perasan tak donut tu dak kena vandalisme oleh miss ayra?huhuhuhuh

My business card.

Sorry for the lack of quality and blurry pictures. Tangan kurang steady and snap guna camera fon free from digi itu sahaja. ;P

Sedih setiap kali tgk donut ni. It's a gift from my sis. Best woo...still squishy and smell of real donut. Miss ayra dah byk kali cuba gigit nak makan. Hahaha :p Dia geram sgt la tuh yang koyak the chocolate lining on it.

Can you guess who is this cute, adorable, chubby, sweet, baby?:)

Buns stuffed with chocolate lining. Hasil kerja miss ayra. Adoi la!

Still smiling despite been vandalised by miss ayra.

The angel's working spave.

We are neighbours ya'll! It is easier to monitor them. :)

The spoilt donut. Nevertheless, i still love it.

Cute kan pen ni? The owl is actually cik miffy's and there is another owl pen which i simpan kat tempat lain and that is miss ayra's. Tapi they have yet learn to appreciate things, thus kiboo tlg simpan n guna ink smpai habis, nnt bila dah besar sket, baru cik miffy and miss ayra ley belajar simpan sendiri okies?;)

My planner yang kosong. Sayang nak tulis. Hehehe

Told ya so. Cantik. Suka.:)

My scissors.

Mr. Bunny.

See, i've toldya that im messy and dont like to keep mu workspace tidy. Tu belum snap gambar lam drawers segala. 

P/s: Pictures yang atas tu, credits to google ye..yang bukan my workspace tu. :)