Saturday, July 16, 2011

Added Sugar

I have this delayed post on added sugar in children's growing up milk. The materials are all ready and waiting for me to push the launch button. Had the opportunity of talking to the pros face to face which was brought in from New Zealand, land of the milk?!;) Haish. So many things to do but soo little time. Will have to do and update my time table. So many things to share with all of you darlings. Adoi adoi adoi...nanti yeee....

FREE book

Just came across this awesome deal where your slogan is a SURE WIN! How cool is that? Tak payah nak susah-susah fikir slogan bagai nak rak tapi last-last tak menang jugak. Yang ni, you komen je dah confirm boleh dapat hadiahnya! Hadiah buku okie! Buku jalan-jalan cari makan tu. Siap kak Maria Tunku Sabri lagi tandatangan. Ha! Mana nak cari?:P So without much delay, here is the link.......

The foods there are pretty awesome and yummy! craving for the nasi kebuli and sang mee...egg in the face dia pon sedap! Kalau tak silap they will be on air kat tv3 on Sarapan at 8am. Cer try tgk. Sedapnyaa...nasi kebuli tu dia nye rasa ala-ala nasi kenduri pon ada. Serius sedap. Nanti i blog more on the foods and dishes yang i dah pernah makan kat sana. BTW ada J rewards promo or something where ley dpt free makan worth of rm50. And macam2 promo laks kat kafe ni. huhuhuhu nk ajak encik Ding dong bell ke sana lah esok...:) See ya jombali!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Im sure u already know by now...

That this blogger is blogging about her not so well sister that is battling with stage 4 brain cancer. Spend sometime and head on down to her blog. Read and truly imagine yourself in their place. I shivered just at the thought. Let alone if i were in norma's place or even talib's place. They are a true warrior fighting to survive the obstacles that only HE knows why. Prayers for all of them who is fighting together. Ya Allah, semoga Engkau tabahkan hati mereka. Berikanlah penawar kepada penyakitnya dan semoga kisah mereka ini menjadi panduan dan iktibar bagi semua yang membacanya. Cekalkan jiwa mereka sebagaimana Engkau cekalkan hati Rasulullah saw dan org2 terdahulu dalam menghadapi ujianMU ini ya ALLAH.

I'm trying my best to hold on back to my tears while writing this post. I know that sooo many bloggers out there who have just posted on this particular topic but still i see it as one of my social responsibility just to share with all my blog readers as well. In a way, i can relate to what the family member's are facing and their fear as i lost 2 family members due to cancer last year. Cancer is a silent killer. But there are still hope for it to be cured. InsyALLAH. To Talib and family, please hang in there. And don't ever give up. Talib, we are sure that you'll be JUST the perfect father to the little angel with or without Norma. Allah hanya menguji umatnya dengan ujian yang Dia pasti umatnya mampu hadapi. He knows that both of you are a fighter and are strong to endure this. He also knows that Rafiq is a strong boy because you and norma's blood are running in his vein. Just remember not to give up fighting and don;t ever feel tired of fighting. You are rafiq's and other millions moon's blog readers warrior. It's okie to break down and cry. But just remember to stand up again. :)

Moon, thank you thank you for sharing this. It opened up minds, hearts and made people realised and count their blessings instead of their sorrows. It also opens the minds and heart to the family's of cancer patient who somehow know that they are not battling with it alone. Thank you for sharing all the progress. And you be strong for Talib, Norma, Rafiq, Norma's mom and all the family members.

For those who would like to make a donation, please check the info in moon's blog. There are even a few blog shops are doing a charity drive for the cause. :) One in particular is my most favourite scarves shop. I know you love scarf too. After all it is retail therapy. ;) So a very good excuse kan?Hehehe

Sometimes we are just too absorbed in our own problems and start hating life and blaming everyone around us! STOP, THINK and REFLECT other people's ordeal instead. There are lots more out there who are just battling to stay alive and trying to cherish each and everyone in their life in every single possible second. Because life is just not about you alone! It is about everybody. It is about giving and sharing.

P/s: Get ready with a box of tissue before clicking the link below. :) Just hope that whatever moon is sharing there would somehow turn us into somebody much better. Amin

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Monday, July 11, 2011

unifi is IN!!!!

Alhamdulillah..sesungguhnya penantian satu penyeksaan..ehehehe now dah pasang unifi..alhamdulillah..!!yeay! thank you encik ding dong bell!!!doakan saya rajin update the blog..sorry sgt sbb been bz and down with itchiness all over my body..hahaha adoi..tu satu lagi hal..byk benda sbenarnya nak diblog...tapi kena find time sket..toodles..;)