Monday, November 28, 2011

I miss .......

I've missed blog hopping, surfing, gossiping with fellow bloggie momsies and non-momsies...eheheh and most of all, i miss blogging...hope my mood for blogging will not fade. Hahahaha :p Well to be completely honest, there was a lot of the time where I wanted to share things with all of you, but somehow just did not manage to find the words and the lazy bones inside of me was getting lazier. :P Even though i was darn lazy to blog, somehow i managed to get myself busy in the kitchen, brushing up on my not-so-good-skill in cooking. The other day was craving for pancakes for breakfast and voila, googled up the recipe and came across this super duper simple yet very delicious and yummy pancake. So here is the link, 'Basic pancake recipe at'. The angels managed to gobbled up 3 pieces of large pancake each. I even googled up how to make cheese cottage due to me craving to eat palak paneer. But still didn't have the chance to prepare the dish yet thou. ;) Anyways, happy cooking. Toodles.

A new year a new beginning...:)

First and foremost, hello lovers and so sorry for the very super duper long silence. Wasn't really in a blogging mood whatsoever. So here is a post to welcome the new year and happy new year to all. May this year brings us more blessings from HIM. AMIN.

As i was stalking my FB newsfeed, a friend of mine posted a very interesting link. As i was reading, the last paragraph really caught my eyes. It speaks of the truth. Hope you would read and digest what is shared here by Lauren Booth. So here is the excerpt from her statement...

"....quick translation between Muslim culture and media culture that may help take the sting of shock out of my change of life for some of you.

When Muslims on the BBC News are shown shouting "Allahu Akhbar!" at some clear, Middle Eastern sky, we westerners have been trained to hear: "We hate you all in your British sitting rooms, and are on our way to blow ourselves up in Lidl when you are buying your weekly groceries."
In fact, what we Muslims are saying is "God is Great!", and we're taking comfort in our grief after non-Muslim nations have attacked our villages. Normally, this phrase proclaims our wish to live in peace with our neighbours, our God, our fellow humans, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Or, failing that, in the current climate, just to be left to live in peace would be nice."

Assumptions without understanding the true meaning can bring great harm.  I've never ever had the slightest idea that the phrase 'Allahu Akhbar' can be perceived as something very threatening. And may ALLAH gives us guidance through out of our lives so that we can live peacefully and harmony with each and every one of us. :)