Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arranged MArriage

Do you believe in arrange marriage in this modern era? Oh well, i would be head over heels if a guy i barely know would propose to me thru my parents and send me such as the gift (a video that i am about to share with all you darlings) just to seriously propose me for a hand in marriage. I was so touched, i cried and i could imagine how the girl Dena felt at that precise moment just when i saw the video. Ada lagi ek laki camtu nowadays? Oh! how lucky of you miss dena. :) And i'm sure you deserve to be with him. And your love story will be the best example and the best love story that you can set example for your children nanti. :) Bercinta lepas kahwin lebih barakah. Am gonna save this particular video and book mark it just to share with my angels. Hope my angels will get someone just like you did. :) Allah knows BEST and eventhough at first you rejected him, he still didn't give up, now you should'nt either in the future as there will be more obstacles waiting to come your way. :) Good luck and may both of you be together till JANNAH. Amin.

P/s: sure korang nangis gak kan tgk video ni??