Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New blogger?

Oh yeah, and another thing, the layout here is super alien to me. Lotsa improvement i see. :) Hope everything is easier and funner (is there such a word as funner?hahaha lantaklah!)

Dooms Day 2012

Hello people. Hello world.

Oh me oh my! Haven't blogged anything for ages. Missed blogging so much. Missed rantings on my blogs bout nothingness really! Missed just everything about my blogs and reading my blogger friend's blog.

The title doesn't have anything to do with my rantings today tho. Just some random thoughts, memories on the predictions of dooms day by the Mayan's people.

Oh well, let's see? Where should i start? I think since its only the 2nd of January 2013, so lets sum up what has actually happen to me in 2012. To be honest, alhamdulillah is the only thing that i can say. 2012 has been an awesome year for me. I've managed to improve myself personally, my financial state, myself as a mother, and as a spouse, and most importantly, myself as HIS servant.

Got to know and befriends with lotsa wonderful human beings. Only ALLAH knows how to repay their kindness. :)

The best thing is that my angels can read!!!:) Yeay!!

Shopped till i dropped many times and i blame it all on orange summer closet and sophie arianna (who by the way is selling stuffs from the UK at a good bargain. The service is superb!! Do search 'em up on FB)

Hats off to my personal mentor, Faisal Abdullah who taught me and had faith in me for handling his business and eventually hiring me as his business partner. Jazakallahukhairan kathira. :) Learnt a gazzillions of things about the business world, and still its like knowing nothing. Thrilled and excited to learn more!

Thank you to Shareena Shahar for being my partner in crime, going through the Jovian madness. And yerp, eventho i have sworn not to buy clothes for meself anymore, somehow, just can't hold back the monster in me and totally went berserk shopping during Raya! Dang.

Theres still lotsa name to be mention but just dont want to bore you and my tummy is rumbling. About to have dinner. So i'll just cut it short. :p

So for 2013, I have pledge to really save up my money, and really make sure that my finance is in a super duper healthy state as of now, its anorexic but has recovered from being bulimic. Which is an improvement eventho not much.

And for 2013, new sets of goals has been set, new sets of vision to be realised and hopefully by end of 2013, a new, much more improve, and a better me. AMIN! :)

P/s: Oh ya, btw, honestly, will very very much try to really blog and just share anything eventho i always write about nothing, in my blog. ;)

Peace out!