Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CIMB Clicks SUX!!!!

OMG...whats wrong with cimb clicks???been trying to pay my bills on9 dah berjam2 dah tapi tak berjaya..sheesh...ingatkan menyenangkan..menyusahkan la pulak dia arini...:(

mood:sgt stress...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Kerja Gileeew..:p

courtesy of encik GOOGLE

After finish reading the novel 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih', I was somehow curious to watch the sinetron. Due to the dozens of lazy bones inside of me, decided to just simply watch it thru youtube sahaja...:p ehehehhe so as for now, quarter of my days are filled with me watching and waiting for my pc dearie to buffer the drama instead..ehehhe malas nak download atau cari the CD doowwhhh...how i wish my incik suami subscribe to unifi..eheheheh (*hint hint* encik suami if ur reading this...)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Angan2 Bedroom Pulak...(Living pon tak siap-siap lagi..:p)

Salam darlings...hahahaha sila meluat dgn saya..:P tengah obses dengan website ini di mana banyak gambar2 serta ilham untuk menghias rumah dengan sgt chantek..=p 
My beds have pillar cam yang ni tapi headboard ala2 antique gitu...ingat nak wat langsir camni lah...yang blah atas tuh..

loving the tones of colours here...and a very simple side table..:) gr8 idea

stool or whatevs u call it..i ingat nak carik something such as this letak kat hujung katil

love the bed..:) and also the dressing table..sgt french kan??

bilik angels..

great idea..ribbon ikat pada belakang mirror giving the imprssion as if the mirror is hung using the ribbon..nak wat kat dressing table jugak la..and also yang kat hallway depan entrance door kat console table...mesti chantek kan?:)

ingat instead of belit2 the flowers at the besi kat hujung kepala tuh, nak letak lampu skina bentuk birdie isntead..takpon letak kat hujung katil..pergh comey kan??ehehehehe bilik angels ley la..

the side table is sgtlah chantek

tak over sgt ke kalau letak langsir kat tepi and then letak lagi atas tuh..hmm..kalau tak, nak letak jugak la..:p

setakat ini sahajalah angan2 saya untuk hari ini..sambung kemas...tata..:p

Pictures credits to idealhomemagazine...:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Deco

Adoi....tengah busy decorating the living room...wahahaha bunyi cam some pro interior deco je..:p sebab itu encik Google PENTING..untuk mendapatkan ilham....yang penting, the living room haruslah kids friendly, simple and spacious yet cosy...hmmmm....something like this....

tempat fireplace tuh ganti ngan tempat tv

or this


oooooh...love the carpet
or this...
colour combination dier cam kiyut and chic kan???:)
colour combination yang sgt kiyut

my wall is pastel green, guna kerusi biru then pink cushions on it kan??marvellousness!

i like the table...tapi memandangkan ada dua heroins, this type of table is a no-no

carpet nih dah lama usha..kat ikea...erk tapi harga cam tak berbaloi...ada lagi tak taktahu..:p

Oh...peningness...banyak sgt design yang cantik2..ehehehhee
courtesy of idealhomemagazine and realsimple.com ... there's lotsa useful tips on decorating ur homes..
toodles dearies..need to go sambung kemas all the mess...

Saat Terasa Nak Dedicate Lagu...

Too bad..lagu yang nak didedicate tak boleh nak share kat cni...sheesh..:(
lagu the pretenders i'll stand by you(cover by cory monteith of glee)...nak tuju lagu ni utk angels saya...:p

Of LOVE....

Have you gals read the novel 'ayat-ayat cinta' by habbiburahman el-shirazy???? If you haven't, please do so...It is a HIGHLY recommended malay novel. I'm not really a big fan of malay novel though but this particular book is like a must read. However the movie which was produced based on the novel is lacking the originality and islamic value of the novel itself as it has been altered. And for me, the alteration somehow made the movie uninteresting. BUT the novel itself is SUPERB. So many moral and islamic values to learn from and to remember about. Somehow, it managed to make me weep into tears as the love story really touches my soul. The love to our creator and also love between mankind. So after falling head over heels with 'Ayat-ayat cinta' a few years back, i'm falling in love again with 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih' also written by Habbiburahman el shirazy.

And how i wish if there is a perfect guy such as khairul azam, then may Allah join his and his(coz i have 2 angels so one for each angel :p)soul with my angels. And let their souls be together till they meet in heaven. Amin. So truly admire the characteristics of Khairul Azam. A very humble human being, loves Allah to the max as even when he was put to face lotsa test from HIM, he still believes and is sure that HE has prepare something way better.

Bottom line, if you darlings have the time, this is the book to read!!:) best siot wa cakap sama lu...ayat2 cinta pon best!!!ehehehehe :)


The Power Of I Love You

Salam Darlings....

Happy Wednesday.....

Have you ever wondered on the beauty of life? How simple things can make a child laugh their heads off. Things just have to be colourful in order to capture and make a child gasp in admiration. And how simple attention that they seek of. But as we grow older, we overlook those simple things and take them for granted. We crave for something more complex. Complex things that we thought can bring joy to us. But in reality, it makes us more complex and hard to please.

Take this moment to change. Realise and embrace every thing that you have and cherish each and every moment be it bad or happy moments as it will never repeat itself. Be simple and saying i love you to every single person in ur life. Okayh..taktahu nak bebel apa actually...coz this was a super delayed post where i found it in the drats and decided to just post it instead..ehehehe :p enjoy ur dya.. =D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


OMG people...soooo sorry for the longest silence ever!!!!streamyx baru on di sini....after zillions of time complaining and mengamuking...haish...soooo many updates....waaaaa can't wait.....:) but at the mo' need to pack up stuffs and unpack stuffs....:) toodles darlings.....and will keep ya updated!!!