Friday, April 29, 2011

FREE Makeup Tips


If your about to get hitch and is still looking for a reliable and talented make up artist to give the magic touch to your face be it on your E-day, or even on your wedding day, look no further. Click HERE for the FB page of Arra's  Fingers. The price is sooooo reasonable. She even does dinner makeups and honestly I really2 love her 'artwork'. It's kinda flawless I must say. During the last ABPBH, she did some touch up or watevs you call it to the band 6th sense.

She is soooo good at highlighting the eye area and knows exactly well how to enhance the eyes using colours that i dare not even dream of putting on BUT the outcome is MARVELLOUS (that is why im no makeup artist-im not daring/creative enough)! She mixes colours very very well and it looks sooo smooth. Suka sangat okie?! So for further details, you can simply go straight to her page and 'LIKE' it. There's pictures of her customers that she shares there. So go and have a look okie, my darlings...;) Tak rugi. Oh, and do click HERE for arra's blog. There's pictures there case you don't have an FB account(which i doubt coz like sriusly, even pets pon ada FB..eheheh lmao). She was featured in Wanita Hari Ini. When? Need to confirm the episode again. Lupa d..;p

P/s: Arra darling, if you happen to read this, Caiyok2...;) keep up the good work..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anorexic (Part 2)

The title was supposed to be Shoppaholic Monster In Me Unleashed Part 2 tapi cam Anorexic lagi cam stylo kan? So instead, I've changed the previous title post to this title instead. :p Anyhoo, I'm sooooo hype and happening (in FB that is) this past few months thanx to my hi school sayang, Shareena Shahar. Rajin jerk update stats and seems like im 24/7 online..:p  Everytime i turn on my lappy and log in to facebook, the first thing that i'll do is go window shopping. Yessszzzaaa!!! You read it right! I went window shopping and eventually splurge on angel's clothing and some deco for their room. Now i guess if i were to bring my purse to the doc, he'll probably diagnose her with anorexic due to me forcing her to vomit money. She is critically ill. Do pray for her so that she'll get well soon enough so that i can make her vomit MORE money, muahahahahaha (evil laugh)! 

So here let me share some more of the cute lil stuffs or good bargain that ive managed to find ....(i'll just share with ya some of FB shops link which i haven't shared in my earlier post aite...for those who haven't read my previous post, please click HERE)

Wall Decals

Darlings, I've just found this amazingly cute wall decals collection on FB...BUT its from Indonesia. Fret not, she does international delivery.

So was wondering whether anyone of you wanna join me for the order? As if we were to order more, than we can simply share the delivery cost or something. Then she'll post the item to me and i will then post it to you. No extra charges, only that you darlings just need to add delivery charges in Malaysia. :)

Here is some of her collections. By the way, her price is much cheaper compared to those sold in Malaysia and the designs are soooo cute...:)



By the way, some of the stickers have special functions such as it can act as white/blackboard as in you can write on it using chalk/marker and some of it even glows in the dark. The price range is somewhere around rm40 to rm60 i guess.

Just click HERE to be directed to her FB page.

As usual, 'LIKE' the page and thus u'll see more sticker collections in her album.

The price is quoted in Indonesian Rupiah Dollar so please google up the foreign exchange calculator or you can just simply click HERE.

If you're interested in combining the orders, private message me on FB (click HERE) or send me an email stating your address and order. ;)

P/s:Happy shopping...toodles...;) i'll accept order till 15th may..and i'll might extend it if there is overwhelming request...;) (jasmine shahreza, i think kat sini betul kan penggunaan sambutan hangat itu kan kan kan?;p )

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marilah Mari Pergi Mengundi...

Please vote for this lil angel's picture. Sangat chubby and adorable okie?!(Farid, camni boleh?eheheh ;) )
17 FEBUARI 2011
Comey kan kan?ehehehhe ;) how to vote? Please follow this simple steps:
1. Login to your fB account.

2. Then click HERE and 'LIKE' the page.

3. Next, click HERE and like the picture. Voila! you're done. ;) thanx darlings...the future of this angel lies in your hands...hahahaha acewah..;P

P/s:farid, aku suka nama anak ang..;)

Wedding Prep??:)

I just couldn't get this song out of my head. And if i were to feel sleepy while driving, this is the only song that can make me alert and i'll immediately feel alive! I'd prefer the GLEE cover version as im a GLEEK...;) Oh ya, btw, did you darling know that bruno mars concert tickets was sold in a matter of 120minutes only?? I wasn't the lucky few who managed to get hold of the ticket and saw them performing LIVE..woooohooo...But i guess with such overwhelming respond (sambutan menggalakkan,btui ka?ehehehehe blur sat) they will surely make a comeback in Malaysia kan kan kan?;) So the next concerto, jom papakeechee, drama mama, zoe, kakma and ayana...kita kasi serang samadia..eheheheh ;) enjoy the vids..;) mmuah

Anorexic (Part 1)


helooo...hellooo...echo echo...ehehehe

sorry darlings, as i've not been a very good blogger this past few months. I even have paused my blog hopping routine(euuuww..teruk kan?). The only thing that is active is my FB account. That's because i was errr super busy shopping especially for the angel's RAYA clothes. Awal Gila?ehehehehe well that is the only sane reasoning and justification that i can come up with when going all goo gaga over the kid's collection. And the price is waaaaaayyyy cheaper than those sold in boutiques. The quality is of the same. There's the Gap kids, H&M range, the children's place, and to name a few.

At one time, i was on a tutu rampage camtu, so bought the angel's more or less 4 pieces of tutu. Just couldn't resist okie..ehehehehe and then there was the cute coats(yeah yeah, i know kita takder 4 musim but irresistible okie) and miffy fell in love with it the moment she ripped open the parcel and straight away put it on to ikea(it was a rainy day so kinda sejuk :p). Then the dresses, oh-me-oh-my sangat-sangat feminine, and girly girly cute. Good thing was i found a few of suri's collection immitation, and also the original few too. So, without much hesitation, borong ajer loer...:p I'll post some of the pictures of the items that i've bought and will share with you the link too okie darlings?

Then after purchasing all the cute dresses and tutus, i, as a sane person decided to put my shopping adrenaline on pause, BUT much to my dismay, i saw pictures of sellers selling cute crochet hats! Ouch(my purse cried)! Somehow, i managed to persuade myself to just get the angels one or two crochet hats. I gathered all my courage to click on the seller's album to JUST view and decide which 2 crochet hats that i should get myself. The moment i saw their collection, i couldn't make up my mind as to choose only 2, so i end up getting me angels NINE pieces of crochet hats. ADOIYAI! Then after the crochet hats, there was the cute, colourful, vibrant leg warmers(i find it more fun and interesting compared to tights because they can use it sampai besar). Cantik-cantik i tell you! I even bought panties for my cik miffy and miss ayra. And there were also gap imitation flip flops.

So again, i tried to totally STOP shopping for them then ternampak this cute hi-cut h&m hello kitty sneakers. TERPAKSA la beli as it was the last piece the seller ada and it's considered cheap since if the same style to be available in stores in MALAYSIA, then i guess it would have cost more. And i guess, that concludes my shopping in FB for cik miffy and miss ayra. BUT it didn't conclude my shopping in FB just yet. Stay tune for part 2 as i'll share some other tips and recommend sellers selling other stuffs pulak...;P

So here is the picture of the things i've bought.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Child's mood and how to know/identify 'em #NestleChildsMood

Mommies out there, do click here -> Child's mood and how to know/identify 'em #NestleChildsMood to learn to understand ur angel's mood better...It does really help to improve our skills as mommies and the site is not just for mommies, but for everybody so that kids won't be misunderstood and say no to child abuse...;)