Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tv3 Retro Hari Raya

This posts is dedicated to my dearie readers yang missed whi on air on the day tv3 did their hari raya open day.

my most favourite photo. Can almost feel the era of 70's in this picture aite if the pictures were turn to sephia mode?
(psst..Mr monster papa is in orange baju melayu)

I thought rockers was in the 80's? And during 70's rockers ususally wears like elvis kan? Correct me if I'm wrong. 
I'm not a 70's babies. Wasn't born yet.(ehehehe saja nak gitau yang i masih muda remaja boleh tak?:p)

During their performance.

And exclusive for my dear readers, this is Mr. monster papa with his 70's pose. 

Okie, and now for the same pictures but with different setting ie the sephia mode. Barulah 70's gitu..:p

told you kan..gambar ni cantik and feel sgt2 era 70-an tu. now da sephia mode, sesangat la terasa.

For this pasrticular picture, serba salah nak sephia mode cause the rocker image doesn't suits the sephia mode. They should be coloured pictures but the dull colour nye type kan?? What say you?

Mr Monster papa 70's pose in sephia mode.
Credit: All the pictures above was taken from Mr monster papa's friends album's via FB. Thanx all for the lovely pictures. U guys rawk. Kudos for the job well done and congrats for the win. :]

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